I’m baaa-aaack!

Aaah!  It’s been exactly four months since my last post, and I’m finally here, in civilization, ready to start blogging again!  It’s been a crazy four months and so much has changed in my life!

Here’s a few pictures from the summer:

Breakfast with the boys during rehearsals! I think I told them to look sexy for y’all. Sorry if that didn’t go as planned…

A view of our tiny cabin from our giant bed. We turned the bunk bed mattresses sideways and just kinda lived around the frame all summer. Ah, the glamour of acting!

I played a white chick and a Shawnee women (and a couple of white men, too – why not?!), so I did my face half and half for the makeup tech during rehearsals. Creepster.

Our pond backstage! Looks pretty, is really pretty gross.

Horses! This particular one tried to bite me every night, because I had the effrontery to interrupt her druggie habits to saddle her. She looooves Alex, though.

Bling. Blau. Ran my first half-marathon this summer! 2:17:22, along the banks of the Little Miami, where the main characters in my show ran – not for fitness, but to relay messages and to travel to and from war parties. Cooool.  Note the frontiersbeard in the background.  I like to squish it.

Back to civilization – FINALLY got a real 21st century haircut! I went from 1940s to 1780s for months! I NEEDED BANGS ON MAH FACE.  (Don’t worry – Alex shaved, too.)

Aaaand reunited with the puppy again! It’s til death do us part this time, puppers. Never you fear.

If I wrote all about this summer, it would take forever, so I’ll just share a few fun facts:

My cardio went way up but my strength way down during the summer – I’m a much faster runner but can only make it through one set of ZWOW!  I think I relied on the internet a lot for strength training inspiration this spring.  But boy did I run some HILLS.

I got a chance to play the two main women during understudy rehearsals!  I was the general female understudy, so I had to know all the female parts (don’t worry – there are only four).  It was one of the craziest acting experiences I’ve ever had.  No one told me I was going in, so I was just sitting there about to watch my understudy kiss Alex (who was understudying the guy who plays my husband – confused yet?!), when an ASM came up to me and asked me if I could go in for Tecumapese, the main Shawnee woman, for the rest of the rehearsal.  I was so excited – I never thought I’d get to play her!  I ran and got my script and my friend Moe, who plays Tecumapese, and just powered through her scenes until…the ASM came up and asked if I could go in for Rebecca Galloway, the main frontierswoman, for the next scene, too.  Uhh…yeah!  So I ran to the other side of the stage and went on for her…then had to run back to the other side to go on for Tecumapese again!  It was so weird and wonderful to switch like that from a middle-aged Shawnee woman to a teenaged white girl and back again.  Other actors had no idea what was going on – they didn’t know I was going in for Tecumapese until they heard my voice onstage, and then they thought they heard me playing Becky, too…  It was really funny trying to sort out what happened for sixty other actors afterwards!

My friend Carson accidentally let slip that she played the flute in middle school, so even though I got pretty far, I was off the hook for learning the flute.  Phew.

We came into a LOT of funds from the sale of my childhood home (I had no ownership in it or anything, my mom just felt like she didn’t need the money and her kids did, so BLAMMO! monay. Crazy, huh?).  So Alex and I decided never was there a better time than to move out to LA, which we had been planning to do after saving some money anyway.  This gave me considerable anxiety, since I’ve been there before and it was as hard and almost as soul-crushing as you’d expect, until…

I did stand-up for the first time!  Alex has been trying to get me to do it for years, so I decided to finally man up and try it.  IT WAS AMAZING!  Everyone loved it – they really flipped out.  I was totally overwhelmed by the response.  A lot of people whose opinions I really trust told me this is my “in” into acting in bigger projects, so here goes nothing!  I’m going to my first open mic in Philly tonight!  Scary!

Fun facts about those fun facts:

I kissed three guys who weren’t Alex this summer (onstage! – geez).

I’m about half a foot taller than my Rebecca overstudy, so when I tried to put my head on Tecumseh’s chest, I ended up sort of hitting him in the face with my head and poking him with the pencil that was stuck in my hair.  This is why understudy rehearsals exist.

Carson and I had a real competition going for who could play the flute worse, let me tell you.

I got the voicemail from my Mom saying she was gifting us the money while I was out with Alex and our two closest friends, and I looked so shocked everyone thought someone had died.  I waited til we got to the parking lot to tell Alex, and he started crying and hugging me.  Then our friends REALLY thought someone had died.  Then we bought them dinner, and they were less concerned.

Our assistant equestrian literally fell off of the bleachers laughing at one of my jokes during my stand up set.  I would be in so much trouble if he’d hurt himself!


So there you have it!  I’m so happy to be home for so many reasons (I don’t have to put on pants to go to the bathroom, everywhere I go is not a PDA zone, my kitchen is CLEAN, I could go on…), and I’ve gotten right back in the swing of working out and eating healthfully!  I can’t wait to reconnect with you all again!

How was your summer?!


You have but slumbered here

Today’s the big day!  Just seven hours ago I was saying my goodbyes at the company party for Carter’s Play, and now I’m on my way to Ohio for Tecumseh!  I was going to give myself a solid five and a half hours of sleep, but I woke up at six and decided to get on my way.

You’ve got those tired eyes all the time…

It’s my sincere hope that I’ll keep blogging once I get there, but internet is spotty where we live, and my priorities may change vastly when I arrive!  I still have lots of lines to learn, a tour speech to memorize, and was asked last minute to see if I could maybe play the flute.  Um, sure? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  I’ll do my best to keep you updated, though.  Until then, ne dahquelemah, nehkahnoh!  (All my love, friends!)


Dainty bits

Time for another addition of…

Featuring what I ate Tuesday!  I have tried to make a commitment to eating more meals this week, as I had none in my last WIAW post and realized this might not be the best way to eat.  I almost succeeded!

Aside:  I’m so sorry all my pictures are blurry!  I really need to invest in a camera!


Scambled eggs w/sauteed baby bella mushrooms and nonfat Greek yogurt w/strawberries. Accompanied, as always, by coffee w/stevia & skim milk.

This one was inspired by Cassey.  I tried to buy shitake mushrooms, but they freaked me out a little.  I couldn’t tell if they were moldy or not, and the ShopRite in my neighborhood is not the place to assume produce looks how it’s supposed to look.  Fact.


Yam with roasted garlic hummus (and salt, natch)

Inspired, as most of the stuff I eat on my slow slide to veganism is, by Heather.  I was nervous about this (Why am I so nervous about food?  I always think I’m going to hate everything and I end up loving it!  Except mango.  I really, really do not like mango.), but it was AWESOME.  I’ve never eaten a sweet potato not in fry form, and wasn’t sure how garlic would go with it.  The answer is: “like buttah.”


Homemade (!) raw cauliflower tabbouleh

I’m pretty proud of this.  I had meant to make a salad with it as a full-on lunch, but I had to batch process the cauliflower in my blender since I don’t have a food processor.  It took so long that I barely had time to shower and shove some in a container before I had to leave to meet friends for dinner.  This is also something inspired by Heather, something I was nervous about, and something that was severely awesome.  Actually, just see above.  : p



So…my pictures from dinner didn’t turn out, which is a crime, because my dinner was so beautiful! I was supposed to take my friend Lauren to Uzbekistan (the restaurant, not the region!) last night, but our friend Vicky was visiting from DC, so we went out with her and her mom and her college roommate and her roommate’s husband instead.  We ate at the White Dog Cafe, which is super-swanky and even more awesome than I knew! According to their website, they serve organic food from local farms that use sustainable practices, sustainable seafood, and fair trade coffee, tea, and chocolate.

I had a white beer from Maryland (I wish I could remember what it was!), a slice of whole grain bread with real butter and two sides instead of an entree:  wild mushroom gnocchi and goat cheese polenta with pureed kalamata olives.  It was amazing but so filling that I ended up giving most of the gnocchi to Lauren, who is a third of my size and has four times my appetite.  She has been finishing my meals for fifteen years.  : )


Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream cone

After dinner I was craving coffee and ice cream really badly.  If I hadn’t been trying to get to sleep early lately, I would have had a cappuccino, which is my favorite way to end a meal at a nice restaurant.  Instead, I picked up Skinny Cow cones at the grocery store on the way home.  Classy. (I took the picture for my boyfriend, who I knew would be proud that I bought “junk food”…and a little upset that I bought it when he wasn’t there to eat it, too.  : p)


Smoothie with skim milk, chocolate protein powder, coconut flakes, and banana

I can’t sleep if I’m hungry, so even though everyone ever says not to do it, I always eat an hour or two before bed.  (And lately, drink a whole bottle of Propel and a whole bottle of water.  You’re not supposed to do this, either, because you will wake up in the middle of the night having to pee. But if I don’t, I wake up in the middle of the night with a migraine, and have to eat and take medicine and feel miserable. A two minute bathroom break is way preferable.)

This is actually a picture of a different smoothie (that I ate today, made of skim milk, almond butter, oats, strawberries, and cinnamon), but they all look the same, right?  What I wanted to show off was my new smoothie cup that I bought so I have no excuse not to take one with me as a snack!  I am in love.  (I really should have taken a picture of my groceries last night, which were this pink cup, a pink toothbrush [so I can use my old one to clean my apartment before I leave], a pink box of tampons, and a lavender Skinny Cow box.  Girliest collection of items that has ever been within ten feet of me.


Other random facts from today:

Alex told me the costume designer is asking when I’m coming since they’re making a brand new bodice just for me!  This is definitely one of the coolest things about being an actor:  not many of my non-actor friends have had clothes custom-made for them.  It’s a pretty nice feeling to know what you’re wearing was made just for you!

I got a great review in Stage Magazine!  You don’t have to read it, but it does say this:  “Patti Moore plays both parts quite well…[she] lends an under-stated charm and honesty to all of her roles, especially when rehearsing a very hilarious sex scene from the play…”  Yeah, I rehearse a sex scene onstage.  It’s funny.  Isn’t that great, though?  I wish everyone had strangers telling them they’re good at their jobs!  (I actually do make a point to do this – I talk to supervisors for customer service people, waiters, cashiers, anyone who gives me good service.  It can only help them!)

I am sincerely in love with this song:

Not like ironically in love with it, but actually in love with it.  I also want that girl’s outfit and to go on that date, please.  Alex does not love driving to random fields as much as I do, alas.


What’s something you thought you’d hate but ended up loving?
Um, sweet potatoes and cauliflower, surprisingly!!!

What’s the girliest thing you’ve ever bought?
My bright pink Kinvara 2s?!  Alex will tell me if I’m wrong.  He keeps track.

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?
Alex and I went to the zoo, the water park, and Dave and Busters on our first date.  I think we spent half a paycheck each.  It was amazing, though.

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To one thing constant never


That’s me on the left. I’m not sure it’s possible to look attractive in this suit.

There’s a closer picture somewhere, but I didn’t want to offend the eyes of the internet with it. My aunt, who posted it on facebook, had no such reservations.  : p   To be fair, I was doing something really cool at the time and demanded she take a picture.

Some facts about my day:

Two sides at a restaurant are apparently one side too many for me.  My wild mushroom gnocchi went home with a friend.

Talking about my job can be fun when it’s with people who don’t try to tell me I should be in LA or New York.

The time in my running shoes’ lives between “new perfect shoe” and “old gross ones” is narrowing rapidly:

Good thing I got even newer ones!

Don’t worry, I washed them.

They don’t sell pipe cleaners at my grocery store.  Where does one buy pipe cleaners?!

Alex sent me this picture today, with the caption “Just another day at the office”:

The view of our stage from the lighting grid

Home, sweet home.

When the postman came with a new book for me, I asked him how I knew he wasn’t a landshark, and he said “Candygram.  Flowers.”  It made my day, possibly even my week.  I’m so easy to please.

Also, Alex’s mom sent him this picture:

I imagine she thinks this is the purpose of a bay window

She seems to be adjusting to her summer home just fine.  They haven’t told us that she’s freaking out or anything, so I’m hoping she’s doing okay.  That’s her Aunt Patch on the floor.  : )

Time for bed!  Lots of to-do list to do!  (Penny has a “to-chew” list.  I imagine she’s added some items since her move.  Mainly Aunt Patch’s toys.)


Do you just order sides/appetizers at restaurants or do you go for the entrees?
At nice restaurants I usually get apps/sides, because it’s less expensive and I get to try more!  I love well-thought-out food.

Do you work somewhere awesome?  Have a cool view from your office?
I wanna see!


I will roar

In case you were wondering, this is what I look like while I’m working out:

Yeah, I took ballet in college, no big…

And this is what I look like after I’ve worked out:

My ballet professor would be horrified

Just so ya know, I’m not actually flexing in this picture.  Lest you think the INSANE arm workout I did today was for naught.  It was not.  For naught.  You know what I’m saying.  Also, please ignore the mess.  My dog kind of freaked out when she realized we were packing and tore everything up. There’s no excuse for why I haven’t cleaned it up yet.  I’m just a slob.  : p

So I was reading Cassey‘s amazing blog today, and her arm workout sounded so good I had to give it a try.  Let me tell you, doing reps until a song is through is no joke!  I did anywhere from 30-70 reps, depending on the exercise (I think tricep dips took the longest and bicep curls were the fastest).  I’ll be surprised if I can lift my arms tomorrow.  And then I did her squat workout, because those booty shorts will still be waiting for me on Thursday.  (Did I mention I wear booty shorts in my show?  I wear booty shorts in my show.  Eek!)

Come nighttime I closed all the windows and turned up the kirtan to block out the dulcet tones of neighborhood children screaming.  I did this twisting practice from Yoga Journal, which I didn’t even realize until now had a video!  I probably would have preferred to do it along to the video, so I didn’t have to keep shifting in down dog to read what the next move would be.  It was a really great way to end my daylight hours, and a nice final challenge for my arms in the final backbend.


TODAY I bought a car charger for my phone since Google maps saps the power like whoa.  I also purged the pictures and attempted to purge the text messages (which apparently can’t be done), and ordered a new case online to be sent to the mountain (our nickname for where we live at Tecumseh!).  I also attempted to clean my Camelbak, which is moldy from ill-advised orange juice usage.  (See?  Slob.)  Went grocery shopping, and am now attempting to move on to more studious pursuits (aka research for my shows) before bed.  So much left to do and so little time!!!  Four miles of speedwork tomorrow morning and Uzbeki food for dinner!

Want great, cheap bread, tomato salad, and lamb kebab? This place is AMAZING.



What’s the weirdest class you took in college/high school?
Not ballet, actually.  I took Intro to Robotics Using Legos.  It is also the only class I did not get an A in.  Rats.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve had to wear in public?
I wore a pretty heinous swimsuit at a family event because I didn’t pack one.  Luckily, two of my cousins were in the same boat.  I’ll post a picture tomorrow, just to confuse everyone who didn’t read this post.


My own mishaps

Week 7 AND 8 Recap!  Because I finally had time to sit down and do this!!

I may have gotten new running shoes…


April 30th
PM:  I literally did five minutes of ab work today.  I can’t for the life of me remember why.  I guess I just decided I needed rest instead!

May 1st
PM:  30 minutes yoga.  Starting off Amanda‘s  30 Day Yoga Challenge right!

May 2nd
PM:  35 minutes Pilates abs, 35 minutes yoga

May 3rd
AM:  50 minutes Pilates legs & butt, 1.53 miles easy
PM:  2.29 miles easy.  I kind of had a freak out after trying on costumes, and went and bought a scale and pumped up my workouts…I’m proud to say I’ve stayed sane through said freak out and lost a teensy bit of weight since.

May 4th
AM:  35 minutes yoga

May 5th
AM:  1.4 miles easy
PM:  2.5 miles easy

May 6th
AM:  3.37 miles easy
PM:  4.12 mile tempo run

Total mileage: 15.21

May 7th
AM:  15 minutes circuit training

May 8th
AM:  2 mile easy run
PM:  3 mile easy run.  My last double workout for the week, as I need time for my hair to dry and also energy for the show!

May 9th
REST – Preview!

May 10th
AM:  45 minutes yoga

May 11th
AM:  40 minutes strength training.  This entry should read “REST” since my weight was down 2.8 lbs from the day before, meaning I was most likely dehydrated and prone to injury.  Sure enough, I hurt my leg.  My boyfriend said I was ridiculous.  I agreed and vowed to pay more attention to my weight and heart rate.

May 12th
AM:  30 minutes yoga?  I wrote down the wrong workout somehow.  I woke up and my heart rate was up 10 bpm (a sign I’ve been overworking) so I actually listened for once and skipped my run in favor of yoga!  Smart girl.

Modified Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana (Upward Facing Two Foot Staff Pose). In the full pose, your legs are straight! I settled for this for now.

May 13th
PM:  3.21 mile run.  I snuck in this run before Mother’s Day dinner.  My mileage was way down for the week, so I decided to run as many miles as I could in 30 minutes without pushing myself tooo hard.  It turned out to be crazy hard because I hadn’t eaten in hours!  Not so smart girl.

Total mileage:  8.21  (Aiming for 12 this week!  I can do it!!!)


Biggest slip-up
Not really a slip-up.  I rewarded myself for my week of good eating by having whatever I wanted for Mother’s Day dinner.  I don’t have to be back onstage til Thursday, after all!

BBQ chicken, MAC & CHEESE!, green beans (W/MARGARINE!), salad (W/DRESSING!), WHITE WINE! Toldja I went all out.

Best effort
I’m just gonna say it:  I was amazing this week.  I’m actually really proud of myself for getting chicken fresco tacos at my late-night post-rehearsal hunger freak out Taco Bell stop instead of the Crunchwrap Supreme I crave.

Crunchwrap Supreme:  540 cal, 190 cal from fat, 6 g saturated fat, 21 g total fat, 7 g fiber, 16 g protein

3 Fresco Chicken Tacos:  450 cal, 105 from fat, 3 g saturated fat, 10 g total fat, 6 g fiber, 36 g protein  (source)

I actually found three to be too many the second time I went, but I was trying to get in a quality number of calories!


Proudest of
Letting some things go to make room for others, being as supportive as I could in helping Alex move out  (Things are great, he just had to leave for Ohio a week earlier than I did!  No worries!)

New things I tried
Philadelphia Brewing Company Fleur de Lehigh golden ale (yum!), chicken fresco tacos, New Hope Winery Solebury White, Heather‘s chocolate protein pudding oats, Saucony Kinvara 2s (!!!)

I screamed when I came out of the shower and found these on my bed.

Big moments
Obviously, those shoes arriving.  Alex and Penny leaving for the summer.  (I’ll be with Alex as soon as this show is over, but I don’t get to see Penny until June!!)  Hanging out and watching Avatar with my mom and my step-dad.  This shouldn’t be a big moment, but I don’t spend a lot of time with my family.  Carter’s Play opening!  Oh, and eating solid food.  *happy sigh*

– Pre-move to-do list.  That’s all I can think about right now.  Oh, and memorize my lines, which is technically on the to-do list but is looming large as “read-through” draws near.  (Thankfully I DO have the lines I have to say at read-through memorized, but I’m also understudying three roles and have a tour guide script to memorize.  Yikes!)

30 Days of Yoga:
I’ve done yoga 5 out of the 13 days so far in May.  Things have been a little crazy, and there has rarely been room to roll out a yoga mat in the midst of unpacking/packing/organizing for our move. I’m working on it, though!  It’s good to remind myself that yoga is always an option when I need to scale it back a little bit.

Do you like to try local beers?  What’s the most awesome beer in your area?
We sampled Doylestown Brewing Company after our St. Patty’s Day 5k and keep dreaming of getting a case.  Maybe I’ll pick one up on my way to Ohio as a surprise!

What’s your healthy option when you have to grab food somewhere?
Obviously those tacos changed my life.  But I want to hear your healthy fast food/travel picks!  I do have a nine-hour drive coming up on Saturday!!

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A delicious yet slightly unfortunate…

Featuring what I ate Tuesday!  I call it unfortunate because I felt awful by the end of the day, and then realized I had basically neglected to intake carbs in any real way.  This resulted in a gleeful carb binge.  Yikes.  Hurr we go…

String cheese and whole grain crackers.  Started out meaning well on the carb front!


Sunflower seeds, dried cherries, and coconut

I was anxious about this mix since I’m not a huge coconut fan, but I gave it a go and realllly enjoyed it.  I swear dried cherries are like a natural gusher…without the gush.  Love love love.  In other news, I was upset to find that the bigger packages of sunflower seeds at the store were all unsalted.  I know that’s better for most people, but I need salt in my life in a big way!  Bring on the NaCl s’il vous plaît! (I’m trying to see how much of my high school education I can utilize in this post.  Two courses down!)

Pre-run #2

Jazz apple and FAT FREE Greek yogurt with chocolate chips

I remembered to buy the fat free kind!  I was so proud.

Post-run #2

Smoothie w/skim milk, almond butter (w/flaxseed & wheat germ), chocolate protein powder, banana, frozen cherries

There is only one type of almond butter available at my ShopRite.  Luckily, it is a brand that has toasted flaxseed and wheat germ mixed in.  I think this is a genius idea.

Rehearsal snacks

Watermelon and whole wheat crackers

Sorry for the blurry picture, but there’s not a lot of light backstage!  I learned from a reallll shaky (my body, not my acting, puh-lease) rehearsal on Monday and made sure to bring snacks that were salty.  I salted the watermelon and munched on my salty whole grain crackers.  I also ate an apple pie Lärabar and drank half a Yuengling in Scene 5.  That isn’t really normal in theatre, but all the beer we drink in this show is real.  Strangely, we mime the coffee.

Evening Snack
By the time I left rehearsal I felt awful!  I attributed it to low carbs and dehydration, but now I think it might also have been the beer.  I haven’t had much alcohol in the past several weeks, and that can really make a difference.  I ate the rest of the crackers on the way home and then made this:

Cinnamon sugar toast

Anybody else eat a goodly amount of cinnamon sugar toast as a kid?  It totally hit the spot. Washed down with some chocolate milk.  Yeah, I regressed about twenty years for my snack last night.

And that’s all she wrote!  Notice I didn’t eat a single real meal?  I’m gonna have to work on that, I think.  For now I’ll just concentrate on making it from one day to the next.


What do you snack on when you need a ton of energy?
Clif bars are definitely up there.