Hey guys!  Patti here.  In real life I am an actress and a comedian and also make some money here and there as a promotional model and/or by playing my bass in pit orchestras.  I know I just said I’m a comedian, but I am actually not making any of that up.  (Sometimes people tell me I seem like the kind of person who would joke about that, and I am.  But I didn’t.)  I’m currently located in Philadelphia, but I move all the time for work.

So I do THIS because last spring I was cast as an actress/pilates instructor and started reading healthy living blogs obsessively for research.  I was totally sucked in (and had so much to say in the comments) that I not only started this blog, but am actually in the process of getting certified to teach Pilates for real.  (One more odd job can’t hurt, right?)

In addition to keeping myself accountable and sharing my healthy eating and workout ideas, I also just really want people to see that actors are real people, too!  It’s really a real job that real people have, even if you’ve never seen them in Life & Style.  Really really.

If you’re visiting the Philly area, let me know!  We should totally go on a run together.  I will be as sarcastic or as welcoming as you like – just come prepared with a number from 1 to 10 (1 being Sarcastic, 10 being Saccharine).

Questions?  Comments?  Email me!  thisstartstonight@gmail.com


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