In Which I Actually Make My Own Breakfast

After two weeks of being homeless, I finally have a kitchen!!!!  It’s so good to be able to cook food and know exactly what’s in it.  I’ve been able to keep off the weight creep by being very, very careful, but making my own food again will make it so much easier!

Multigrain waffles with almonds, banana, and maple syrup

AND I am in Trader Joes country once again!!!  One thing I love about LA is that it is LOUSY with Trader Joes and Whole Foods.  Alex was overwhelmed by how cheap things were (and also how easy it was to think you were picking up something healthy just because it was TJs…smart guy).  Looking forward to more deliciousness for THE REST OF MY LIFE!  #loveLA

A little info on maple syrup, courtesy of Runner’s World:

It has about 20 fewer calories than honey, plus a wider array of antioxidants that may help muscle recovery.


The real thing – a good source of zinc and manganese – lists just one ingredient: 100 Percent Pure Maple Syrup.

It still has a ton of calories, though – 210 per 1/4 c – so let’s not go cray, okay?

What’s your fave breakfast?

I could actually make it now!


2 thoughts on “In Which I Actually Make My Own Breakfast

  1. Katie says:

    omg you used cray! lol I love it! I love breakfast food, so much that my favorite is really unhealthy. I like everything – bacon, hash browns, eggs, toast, and if I can get a waffle or crepe I’ll do that too. You don’t even want to know the calories in the breakfast like that!

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