In Which I Post Yesterday’s New Thing and Am Sort Of Angry About Where I Live

New thing of the day! NTOTD! That’s gonna be a catch-phrase! Or not! Fine!

Pumpkin bread!  Gluten-free pumpkin bread!  Would have been vegan if I thought I could find things like guar gum in my Shop-Rite!  Does anyone know if you can get these kinds of things in crappy grocery stores in low-income neighborhoods?!

I’m really glad I can represent those of us who live more than 30 minutes from the nearest Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in the blogosphere.  Although I *am* moving to the very epicenter of weird health trends in mere weeks, so I can quit my b*tchin and SWIM IN A BATHTUB FULL OF NUTRITIONAL YEAST if I want to.  Which I really, really don’t.

Also if you know of any simpler ways to veganize baked goods, I would totally appreciate that info as well.

Speaking of the land of crazy health trends, here is Maria Bamford not at all exaggerating about LA:

In other news:

I am probably moving to LA about a week earlier than I first thought I was so that I can make the October auditions for Second City’s Conservatory program, which I am really, really itching to do!  Finally some real training in comedy, instead of me just kind of winging it for the past six years, which has worked out pretty well, but you know could be better!

I wimped out on ANOTHER open mic tonight.  I am a giant whatever synonym for wimp you can come up with because you’re more creative than I am.

Alex made an awesome vegetarian barbeque pizza from scratch (crust and all) for dinner tonight, and is totally going to guest blog about it, so look for a post from him tomorrow!  New things!  Yay!

Seriously, how can I make awesome pumpkin bread with no eggs?


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