In Which I Eat a Whole Heck of a Lot

It’s so good to be back to What I Ate Wednesdays!  It’s been a little rocky getting back into this whole blogging thing, so I didn’t take a ton of pictures and I sort of forgot I was doing this – SO – consider this a pure, unadulterated look into what I eat when I forget anyone’s looking!

I loaded ‘er up with a slice of whole grain toast with honey and peanut butter and a smoothie (skim milk, chocolate protein powder, frozen cherries, frozen strawberries, and some more peanut butter – natch).  With coffee with Splenda and skim milk!


Don’t even pretend you don’t make mini-pancakes for your dog.

My first new thing of the day!  I made Multigrain Medallions recipe care of Runner’s World for the fam.  (This is linked to Joanna‘s blog, because she was less lazy than I am and actually typed it out.)  I didn’t have any cornmeal so I just used 1/4 c whole grain flour and 1/4 c oats (I also halved the recipe because a. I only had one egg and b. there’s only two (and a puppy) of us, jeez).  They turned out kind of thin, but surprisingly hearty and SUPER delicious.  Win!


You heard me right. Fried. Spaghetti.

We had to head into the city kind of early for what we thought was an open mic sign up.  (When we got there, we found out I was supposed to sign up online.  If you’ve ever wondered if it’s easy to get onstage in front of a bunch of people and try to make them laugh, the answer is no…and I’m just talking logistics here!)  My point being that dinner was at 5:30, which may be normal for those of you with jobs and kids but is SUPER EARLY for us theatre/gambling type folks.  And I made New Thing Number 2:  FRIED SPAGHETTI!  Woman’s Day (which was my savior while cooking without the internet this summer) tries to be classy and call this “crispy spaghetti,” but let’s get real here:  How do you get things crispy?  You fry them.  I’m okay with that.  So this was really great and got some zucchini in us, which is rare.  It came out a little oily, but I saw that as a bonus because it kind of dressed the salads I put it on (les herbes pour moi, spinach for Alex).  BOOM!

We watched half of the pilot for Mob Doctor, which I think is going to end up in my stand-up.  Here’s a taste:  Why in hell would the mob write “KILL HIM” in three-inch high letters on a card for her?  How on earth do you get to where you are as a criminal organization if that’s as subtle as you get?  Think about it.  Get back to me.

Oh, with Diet Coke, because I don’t drink before I do comedy.  Well, sometimes I do, but I’m not intending to do that comedy…and that’s more of a sad clown act, and involves lots of de-tagging on Facebook in the morning.




After the comedy fail Alex suggested we go to the movies instead.  It was my turn to pick, and since I last picked The Master and it was sort of disappointing, I played it safe and picked Paranorman, which was amazing!  It was just the right level of scary for me.  (I’m a huge wimp – wait til October, when I force myself to watch scary movies every day.  You’ll get a hoot out of my weird self-inflicted pain.)  And it made me super nostalgic for the kids Halloween movies of my childhood, like Hocus Pocus.  Anyway, this is a super long-winded way of saying that I ate a bunch of my absolute favorite never giving it up snack: movie popcorn.  Oh yeah, with the fake butter.  Love it.

More snacking

These guys…am I right?


When we got home, I showed Alex a ten minute set of Maria Bamford, who just blew me away with her ability to inhabit a character.  He was like, “I know her” and proceeded to show me an entire MOVIE featuring her and three other comics.  (It’s The Comedians of Comedy: The Movie, which I believe is a Netflix production, and therefore probably only available on Netflix, but I could be super wrong.)  It made me feel better about a lot of things, including Brian Posehn’s story about having to do stand-up right next to a giant screen playing a football game, and everyone’s just annoyed that you’re next to it babbling about your relationships and your cat…I was like “I HAVE LIVED THIS!!!”  It made me feel like a battle-hardened comic even though I’ve done like two gigs.

This is all a round-about way of telling you I had a glass of red wine and three pieces of delightful Ghiradelli’s 60% cocoa chocolate.

If you’re thinking “Boy, she consumes a lot of culture” you are right.  And I would urge to keep in mind that I have been without it for four months and it is also my job.  Okay, I’ll stop defending myself in three…two…one…

In Which I Am a Pit of the Bottomless Variety

See? I take in some science and philosophy, too! What am I, a cretin?

So I didn’t stop there.  Jeez.  I also made baked sweet potato fries.  Which were delicious.  And then I was still hungry, so I had nonfat Greek yogurt w/Ghiradelli chocolate chips.  I’m considering marrying into the Ghiradelli family to save some cash.

I have been eating A TON lately, but this is fine with me, as I have been working out a lot and also losing weight kinda rapidly and also only eat when I am hungry.  I could probably eat a tad better though.  I’ll get right on that, captain.

See any good movies lately?

Cha, didn’t you read my post?!

Who’s your favorite comic?

That’s not a fair question, but I will say I have an immense girl crush on Paula Poundstone and squeal like a teenager at a Bieber concert whenever she’s on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!


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