Feeling Kinda…the Same?

I finally find my fashion twin – at the Tower of London of all places.

We all get into ruts, right?  Having the same go-to outfit, eating the same thing for breakfast everyday, always going on the same date.  This can be comforting, but is it really necessarily healthy?

Welll…I was reading Fitness magazine the other day and came across a little study that said that study participants who did something different every day for a month lost an average of a pound a week without making any dietary changes.  Intriguing, huh?  The study’s authors postulate that breaking your routine may keep you from falling into habits that keep you overweight.

Now, I am not overweight.  And I’m not sure I even have four pounds to lose (I mean, I could, but should I is the real question).  But, there sure are some unhealthy habits in my life that could use breaking, so I’m gonna give this a try:  For the next month, I’m going to try something new everyday!  And, because I firmly live by the title of my blog, we’re starting immediately.

I plan to focus on trying new foods and new workouts, but anything new’ll do.  Today’s new move:

Cat Cow Balance Pose


This was part of an article in Runner’s World (the July issue) for improving balance and core stability for trail runs, which is mostly what I do.  I used pillows, since I don’t have any fancy balance doodads.  Once Alex and I make our move, we’re going to invest in some more at-home fitness tools.  We’re going to try to avoid paying for gym memberships as long as we can!

I’m starting off simple, but adding balance did challenge my abs more in this familiar move, and that’s definitely a good thing.

And speaking of routine, take a gander at the same old same old trail I run on every. day:

Sometimes it’s best not to mess with perfection.

When’s the last time you tried something new?


3 thoughts on “Feeling Kinda…the Same?

  1. Katie says:

    Hey! It’s so great to see you back! Sounds like you had a crazy but great summer! Mine was pretty fun too. I love stand up, maybe one day you’ll come to MI and I can see you!

  2. Ugh, I totally thought of you when we went to Muskegon for a run! I’m excited to catch up on your posts!

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