Don’t You Bring Me Down Today

I have a confession to make.  Today, I let other people make me feel like crap.  I had a rough night last night, but I didn’t realize how much it had affected me until I felt down down down and totally useless today.  And, I’m embarrassed to say, I wallowed.  Here’s what wallowing looks like over here:

2 miles of relatively angst-ridden trail running

4 episodes of Glee

30 minutes of piano playing/singing French art songs (seriously – how emo can I get?!)

29 pages of philosophy hilariously and lucidly written by my favorite physicist (ok, now that I’m hearing it, yeah, that’s really geeky)

13 pages of narrative history


1 more episode of Glee

Which was exactly what I needed to snap out of my funk.  I felt like kind of a loser sitting around all day watching teen drama, especially while, though a performer, I will never be in a musical (never say never, except when you can’t sing a note).  But it got me to the fifth episode, which included two very important lessons I needed to remember today.


Quinn sits Mercedes down after she faints from starving herself and tells her that her relationship to food has changed since she started eating for her baby.  “What I realized is, if I’m so willing to eat right to take care of this baby, why am I not willing to do it for myself?”  I have this thought all the time, especially since so many of my fellow bloggers are moms or moms-to-be.  And that goes for attitude, too.  I would NEVER want a daughter of mine to allow other people to tell her she wasn’t good enough, so there is NO WAY I should allow myself to do it!

Which inspired this performance by Mercedes, which I may have sung along to, and maybe continued singing while walking my dog.  Maybe.

So check it out.  You are beautiful.  This is a fact.  You are unique, talented, and have something wonderful to share with the world.  And a bunch of beer-swilling frat guys making fun of you because you’re an unwelcome distraction to the Giants absolutely stomping on the Panthers can’t change that fact…or you know, whatever’s getting you down.

Go show the world what you can do, guys!  I believe in you!

(Also, I know you were worried, but the Giants win did not mess with my fantasy football matchup. The Panthers mainly concentrated their defense on Victor Cruz (owned by my opponent for the week), so he only scored 4.2 fantasy points.  Y’all can breathe easy.  I’ma win this one.)

(Also also, I don’t know why I didn’t immediately go here when I was down.  Should have been an obvious first step.)

(Also also also: I meant what I said.  I believe in you.  Whatever it is you do, kill it.  I’ll be here waiting to hear all about it.)


2 thoughts on “Don’t You Bring Me Down Today

  1. Sophie says:

    I love you! You are such an inspiration. Also, welcome to Glee!!! I may or may not do very similar things on days like that — just sub out the narrative history/philosophy for writing 🙂 hopefully we can see each other soon!

  2. 😀 You’re amazing, Sophie!! I am working on the visiting thiiing…we shall see!

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