I’m baaa-aaack!

Aaah!  It’s been exactly four months since my last post, and I’m finally here, in civilization, ready to start blogging again!  It’s been a crazy four months and so much has changed in my life!

Here’s a few pictures from the summer:

Breakfast with the boys during rehearsals! I think I told them to look sexy for y’all. Sorry if that didn’t go as planned…

A view of our tiny cabin from our giant bed. We turned the bunk bed mattresses sideways and just kinda lived around the frame all summer. Ah, the glamour of acting!

I played a white chick and a Shawnee women (and a couple of white men, too – why not?!), so I did my face half and half for the makeup tech during rehearsals. Creepster.

Our pond backstage! Looks pretty, is really pretty gross.

Horses! This particular one tried to bite me every night, because I had the effrontery to interrupt her druggie habits to saddle her. She looooves Alex, though.

Bling. Blau. Ran my first half-marathon this summer! 2:17:22, along the banks of the Little Miami, where the main characters in my show ran – not for fitness, but to relay messages and to travel to and from war parties. Cooool.  Note the frontiersbeard in the background.  I like to squish it.

Back to civilization – FINALLY got a real 21st century haircut! I went from 1940s to 1780s for months! I NEEDED BANGS ON MAH FACE.  (Don’t worry – Alex shaved, too.)

Aaaand reunited with the puppy again! It’s til death do us part this time, puppers. Never you fear.

If I wrote all about this summer, it would take forever, so I’ll just share a few fun facts:

My cardio went way up but my strength way down during the summer – I’m a much faster runner but can only make it through one set of ZWOW!  I think I relied on the internet a lot for strength training inspiration this spring.  But boy did I run some HILLS.

I got a chance to play the two main women during understudy rehearsals!  I was the general female understudy, so I had to know all the female parts (don’t worry – there are only four).  It was one of the craziest acting experiences I’ve ever had.  No one told me I was going in, so I was just sitting there about to watch my understudy kiss Alex (who was understudying the guy who plays my husband – confused yet?!), when an ASM came up to me and asked me if I could go in for Tecumapese, the main Shawnee woman, for the rest of the rehearsal.  I was so excited – I never thought I’d get to play her!  I ran and got my script and my friend Moe, who plays Tecumapese, and just powered through her scenes until…the ASM came up and asked if I could go in for Rebecca Galloway, the main frontierswoman, for the next scene, too.  Uhh…yeah!  So I ran to the other side of the stage and went on for her…then had to run back to the other side to go on for Tecumapese again!  It was so weird and wonderful to switch like that from a middle-aged Shawnee woman to a teenaged white girl and back again.  Other actors had no idea what was going on – they didn’t know I was going in for Tecumapese until they heard my voice onstage, and then they thought they heard me playing Becky, too…  It was really funny trying to sort out what happened for sixty other actors afterwards!

My friend Carson accidentally let slip that she played the flute in middle school, so even though I got pretty far, I was off the hook for learning the flute.  Phew.

We came into a LOT of funds from the sale of my childhood home (I had no ownership in it or anything, my mom just felt like she didn’t need the money and her kids did, so BLAMMO! monay. Crazy, huh?).  So Alex and I decided never was there a better time than to move out to LA, which we had been planning to do after saving some money anyway.  This gave me considerable anxiety, since I’ve been there before and it was as hard and almost as soul-crushing as you’d expect, until…

I did stand-up for the first time!  Alex has been trying to get me to do it for years, so I decided to finally man up and try it.  IT WAS AMAZING!  Everyone loved it – they really flipped out.  I was totally overwhelmed by the response.  A lot of people whose opinions I really trust told me this is my “in” into acting in bigger projects, so here goes nothing!  I’m going to my first open mic in Philly tonight!  Scary!

Fun facts about those fun facts:

I kissed three guys who weren’t Alex this summer (onstage! – geez).

I’m about half a foot taller than my Rebecca overstudy, so when I tried to put my head on Tecumseh’s chest, I ended up sort of hitting him in the face with my head and poking him with the pencil that was stuck in my hair.  This is why understudy rehearsals exist.

Carson and I had a real competition going for who could play the flute worse, let me tell you.

I got the voicemail from my Mom saying she was gifting us the money while I was out with Alex and our two closest friends, and I looked so shocked everyone thought someone had died.  I waited til we got to the parking lot to tell Alex, and he started crying and hugging me.  Then our friends REALLY thought someone had died.  Then we bought them dinner, and they were less concerned.

Our assistant equestrian literally fell off of the bleachers laughing at one of my jokes during my stand up set.  I would be in so much trouble if he’d hurt himself!


So there you have it!  I’m so happy to be home for so many reasons (I don’t have to put on pants to go to the bathroom, everywhere I go is not a PDA zone, my kitchen is CLEAN, I could go on…), and I’ve gotten right back in the swing of working out and eating healthfully!  I can’t wait to reconnect with you all again!

How was your summer?!


2 thoughts on “I’m baaa-aaack!

  1. Sophie says:

    YAY you’re back!! And GOOD LUCK at the open mic — you’ll kill it!

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