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Time for another addition of…

Featuring what I ate Tuesday!  I have tried to make a commitment to eating more meals this week, as I had none in my last WIAW post and realized this might not be the best way to eat.  I almost succeeded!

Aside:  I’m so sorry all my pictures are blurry!  I really need to invest in a camera!


Scambled eggs w/sauteed baby bella mushrooms and nonfat Greek yogurt w/strawberries. Accompanied, as always, by coffee w/stevia & skim milk.

This one was inspired by Cassey.  I tried to buy shitake mushrooms, but they freaked me out a little.  I couldn’t tell if they were moldy or not, and the ShopRite in my neighborhood is not the place to assume produce looks how it’s supposed to look.  Fact.


Yam with roasted garlic hummus (and salt, natch)

Inspired, as most of the stuff I eat on my slow slide to veganism is, by Heather.  I was nervous about this (Why am I so nervous about food?  I always think I’m going to hate everything and I end up loving it!  Except mango.  I really, really do not like mango.), but it was AWESOME.  I’ve never eaten a sweet potato not in fry form, and wasn’t sure how garlic would go with it.  The answer is: “like buttah.”


Homemade (!) raw cauliflower tabbouleh

I’m pretty proud of this.  I had meant to make a salad with it as a full-on lunch, but I had to batch process the cauliflower in my blender since I don’t have a food processor.  It took so long that I barely had time to shower and shove some in a container before I had to leave to meet friends for dinner.  This is also something inspired by Heather, something I was nervous about, and something that was severely awesome.  Actually, just see above.  : p



So…my pictures from dinner didn’t turn out, which is a crime, because my dinner was so beautiful! I was supposed to take my friend Lauren to Uzbekistan (the restaurant, not the region!) last night, but our friend Vicky was visiting from DC, so we went out with her and her mom and her college roommate and her roommate’s husband instead.  We ate at the White Dog Cafe, which is super-swanky and even more awesome than I knew! According to their website, they serve organic food from local farms that use sustainable practices, sustainable seafood, and fair trade coffee, tea, and chocolate.

I had a white beer from Maryland (I wish I could remember what it was!), a slice of whole grain bread with real butter and two sides instead of an entree:  wild mushroom gnocchi and goat cheese polenta with pureed kalamata olives.  It was amazing but so filling that I ended up giving most of the gnocchi to Lauren, who is a third of my size and has four times my appetite.  She has been finishing my meals for fifteen years.  : )


Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream cone

After dinner I was craving coffee and ice cream really badly.  If I hadn’t been trying to get to sleep early lately, I would have had a cappuccino, which is my favorite way to end a meal at a nice restaurant.  Instead, I picked up Skinny Cow cones at the grocery store on the way home.  Classy. (I took the picture for my boyfriend, who I knew would be proud that I bought “junk food”…and a little upset that I bought it when he wasn’t there to eat it, too.  : p)


Smoothie with skim milk, chocolate protein powder, coconut flakes, and banana

I can’t sleep if I’m hungry, so even though everyone ever says not to do it, I always eat an hour or two before bed.  (And lately, drink a whole bottle of Propel and a whole bottle of water.  You’re not supposed to do this, either, because you will wake up in the middle of the night having to pee. But if I don’t, I wake up in the middle of the night with a migraine, and have to eat and take medicine and feel miserable. A two minute bathroom break is way preferable.)

This is actually a picture of a different smoothie (that I ate today, made of skim milk, almond butter, oats, strawberries, and cinnamon), but they all look the same, right?  What I wanted to show off was my new smoothie cup that I bought so I have no excuse not to take one with me as a snack!  I am in love.  (I really should have taken a picture of my groceries last night, which were this pink cup, a pink toothbrush [so I can use my old one to clean my apartment before I leave], a pink box of tampons, and a lavender Skinny Cow box.  Girliest collection of items that has ever been within ten feet of me.


Other random facts from today:

Alex told me the costume designer is asking when I’m coming since they’re making a brand new bodice just for me!  This is definitely one of the coolest things about being an actor:  not many of my non-actor friends have had clothes custom-made for them.  It’s a pretty nice feeling to know what you’re wearing was made just for you!

I got a great review in Stage Magazine!  You don’t have to read it, but it does say this:  “Patti Moore plays both parts quite well…[she] lends an under-stated charm and honesty to all of her roles, especially when rehearsing a very hilarious sex scene from the play…”  Yeah, I rehearse a sex scene onstage.  It’s funny.  Isn’t that great, though?  I wish everyone had strangers telling them they’re good at their jobs!  (I actually do make a point to do this – I talk to supervisors for customer service people, waiters, cashiers, anyone who gives me good service.  It can only help them!)

I am sincerely in love with this song:

Not like ironically in love with it, but actually in love with it.  I also want that girl’s outfit and to go on that date, please.  Alex does not love driving to random fields as much as I do, alas.


What’s something you thought you’d hate but ended up loving?
Um, sweet potatoes and cauliflower, surprisingly!!!

What’s the girliest thing you’ve ever bought?
My bright pink Kinvara 2s?!  Alex will tell me if I’m wrong.  He keeps track.

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?
Alex and I went to the zoo, the water park, and Dave and Busters on our first date.  I think we spent half a paycheck each.  It was amazing, though.

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2 thoughts on “Dainty bits

  1. Rachel says:

    i love love love that song! and country music in general. as for girly things.. i’m super preppy. so my little lily pulitzer collection would probably fit that (we’re talking nook cover, iphone case, and clothes here). the first thing that comes to mind on things i thought i’d hate but love is cottage cheese!

  2. Ha! I love Lily Pulitzer! I’m such a closet girl, but I guess I’m coming out. ; ) And cottage cheese is DEFINITELY on that list for me, too.

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