To one thing constant never


That’s me on the left. I’m not sure it’s possible to look attractive in this suit.

There’s a closer picture somewhere, but I didn’t want to offend the eyes of the internet with it. My aunt, who posted it on facebook, had no such reservations.  : p   To be fair, I was doing something really cool at the time and demanded she take a picture.

Some facts about my day:

Two sides at a restaurant are apparently one side too many for me.  My wild mushroom gnocchi went home with a friend.

Talking about my job can be fun when it’s with people who don’t try to tell me I should be in LA or New York.

The time in my running shoes’ lives between “new perfect shoe” and “old gross ones” is narrowing rapidly:

Good thing I got even newer ones!

Don’t worry, I washed them.

They don’t sell pipe cleaners at my grocery store.  Where does one buy pipe cleaners?!

Alex sent me this picture today, with the caption “Just another day at the office”:

The view of our stage from the lighting grid

Home, sweet home.

When the postman came with a new book for me, I asked him how I knew he wasn’t a landshark, and he said “Candygram.  Flowers.”  It made my day, possibly even my week.  I’m so easy to please.

Also, Alex’s mom sent him this picture:

I imagine she thinks this is the purpose of a bay window

She seems to be adjusting to her summer home just fine.  They haven’t told us that she’s freaking out or anything, so I’m hoping she’s doing okay.  That’s her Aunt Patch on the floor.  : )

Time for bed!  Lots of to-do list to do!  (Penny has a “to-chew” list.  I imagine she’s added some items since her move.  Mainly Aunt Patch’s toys.)


Do you just order sides/appetizers at restaurants or do you go for the entrees?
At nice restaurants I usually get apps/sides, because it’s less expensive and I get to try more!  I love well-thought-out food.

Do you work somewhere awesome?  Have a cool view from your office?
I wanna see!


2 thoughts on “To one thing constant never

  1. krisranhere says:

    Penny is gorgeous! What a cute puppers!

    What type of shoes are those?

    Sounds like an awesome summer you are about to have. I admit I know nothing at all about acting so I’m looking forward to reading a bit on your blog.

  2. Thank you! Those are Skechers Go Runs…they’re sort of a mix between Nike Frees and those Skechers booty shoes. They use the same technology to encourage a forefoot landing. And we met a puddle yesterday.

    The show is an outdoor drama called Tecumseh! and it really is a blast. I’m so glad you stopped by! I’ll continue to drool over your mileage from here. : D

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