My own mishaps

Week 7 AND 8 Recap!  Because I finally had time to sit down and do this!!

I may have gotten new running shoes…


April 30th
PM:  I literally did five minutes of ab work today.  I can’t for the life of me remember why.  I guess I just decided I needed rest instead!

May 1st
PM:  30 minutes yoga.  Starting off Amanda‘s  30 Day Yoga Challenge right!

May 2nd
PM:  35 minutes Pilates abs, 35 minutes yoga

May 3rd
AM:  50 minutes Pilates legs & butt, 1.53 miles easy
PM:  2.29 miles easy.  I kind of had a freak out after trying on costumes, and went and bought a scale and pumped up my workouts…I’m proud to say I’ve stayed sane through said freak out and lost a teensy bit of weight since.

May 4th
AM:  35 minutes yoga

May 5th
AM:  1.4 miles easy
PM:  2.5 miles easy

May 6th
AM:  3.37 miles easy
PM:  4.12 mile tempo run

Total mileage: 15.21

May 7th
AM:  15 minutes circuit training

May 8th
AM:  2 mile easy run
PM:  3 mile easy run.  My last double workout for the week, as I need time for my hair to dry and also energy for the show!

May 9th
REST – Preview!

May 10th
AM:  45 minutes yoga

May 11th
AM:  40 minutes strength training.  This entry should read “REST” since my weight was down 2.8 lbs from the day before, meaning I was most likely dehydrated and prone to injury.  Sure enough, I hurt my leg.  My boyfriend said I was ridiculous.  I agreed and vowed to pay more attention to my weight and heart rate.

May 12th
AM:  30 minutes yoga?  I wrote down the wrong workout somehow.  I woke up and my heart rate was up 10 bpm (a sign I’ve been overworking) so I actually listened for once and skipped my run in favor of yoga!  Smart girl.

Modified Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana (Upward Facing Two Foot Staff Pose). In the full pose, your legs are straight! I settled for this for now.

May 13th
PM:  3.21 mile run.  I snuck in this run before Mother’s Day dinner.  My mileage was way down for the week, so I decided to run as many miles as I could in 30 minutes without pushing myself tooo hard.  It turned out to be crazy hard because I hadn’t eaten in hours!  Not so smart girl.

Total mileage:  8.21  (Aiming for 12 this week!  I can do it!!!)


Biggest slip-up
Not really a slip-up.  I rewarded myself for my week of good eating by having whatever I wanted for Mother’s Day dinner.  I don’t have to be back onstage til Thursday, after all!

BBQ chicken, MAC & CHEESE!, green beans (W/MARGARINE!), salad (W/DRESSING!), WHITE WINE! Toldja I went all out.

Best effort
I’m just gonna say it:  I was amazing this week.  I’m actually really proud of myself for getting chicken fresco tacos at my late-night post-rehearsal hunger freak out Taco Bell stop instead of the Crunchwrap Supreme I crave.

Crunchwrap Supreme:  540 cal, 190 cal from fat, 6 g saturated fat, 21 g total fat, 7 g fiber, 16 g protein

3 Fresco Chicken Tacos:  450 cal, 105 from fat, 3 g saturated fat, 10 g total fat, 6 g fiber, 36 g protein  (source)

I actually found three to be too many the second time I went, but I was trying to get in a quality number of calories!


Proudest of
Letting some things go to make room for others, being as supportive as I could in helping Alex move out  (Things are great, he just had to leave for Ohio a week earlier than I did!  No worries!)

New things I tried
Philadelphia Brewing Company Fleur de Lehigh golden ale (yum!), chicken fresco tacos, New Hope Winery Solebury White, Heather‘s chocolate protein pudding oats, Saucony Kinvara 2s (!!!)

I screamed when I came out of the shower and found these on my bed.

Big moments
Obviously, those shoes arriving.  Alex and Penny leaving for the summer.  (I’ll be with Alex as soon as this show is over, but I don’t get to see Penny until June!!)  Hanging out and watching Avatar with my mom and my step-dad.  This shouldn’t be a big moment, but I don’t spend a lot of time with my family.  Carter’s Play opening!  Oh, and eating solid food.  *happy sigh*

– Pre-move to-do list.  That’s all I can think about right now.  Oh, and memorize my lines, which is technically on the to-do list but is looming large as “read-through” draws near.  (Thankfully I DO have the lines I have to say at read-through memorized, but I’m also understudying three roles and have a tour guide script to memorize.  Yikes!)

30 Days of Yoga:
I’ve done yoga 5 out of the 13 days so far in May.  Things have been a little crazy, and there has rarely been room to roll out a yoga mat in the midst of unpacking/packing/organizing for our move. I’m working on it, though!  It’s good to remind myself that yoga is always an option when I need to scale it back a little bit.

Do you like to try local beers?  What’s the most awesome beer in your area?
We sampled Doylestown Brewing Company after our St. Patty’s Day 5k and keep dreaming of getting a case.  Maybe I’ll pick one up on my way to Ohio as a surprise!

What’s your healthy option when you have to grab food somewhere?
Obviously those tacos changed my life.  But I want to hear your healthy fast food/travel picks!  I do have a nine-hour drive coming up on Saturday!!

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