I will roar

In case you were wondering, this is what I look like while I’m working out:

Yeah, I took ballet in college, no big…

And this is what I look like after I’ve worked out:

My ballet professor would be horrified

Just so ya know, I’m not actually flexing in this picture.  Lest you think the INSANE arm workout I did today was for naught.  It was not.  For naught.  You know what I’m saying.  Also, please ignore the mess.  My dog kind of freaked out when she realized we were packing and tore everything up. There’s no excuse for why I haven’t cleaned it up yet.  I’m just a slob.  : p

So I was reading Cassey‘s amazing blog today, and her arm workout sounded so good I had to give it a try.  Let me tell you, doing reps until a song is through is no joke!  I did anywhere from 30-70 reps, depending on the exercise (I think tricep dips took the longest and bicep curls were the fastest).  I’ll be surprised if I can lift my arms tomorrow.  And then I did her squat workout, because those booty shorts will still be waiting for me on Thursday.  (Did I mention I wear booty shorts in my show?  I wear booty shorts in my show.  Eek!)

Come nighttime I closed all the windows and turned up the kirtan to block out the dulcet tones of neighborhood children screaming.  I did this twisting practice from Yoga Journal, which I didn’t even realize until now had a video!  I probably would have preferred to do it along to the video, so I didn’t have to keep shifting in down dog to read what the next move would be.  It was a really great way to end my daylight hours, and a nice final challenge for my arms in the final backbend.


TODAY I bought a car charger for my phone since Google maps saps the power like whoa.  I also purged the pictures and attempted to purge the text messages (which apparently can’t be done), and ordered a new case online to be sent to the mountain (our nickname for where we live at Tecumseh!).  I also attempted to clean my Camelbak, which is moldy from ill-advised orange juice usage.  (See?  Slob.)  Went grocery shopping, and am now attempting to move on to more studious pursuits (aka research for my shows) before bed.  So much left to do and so little time!!!  Four miles of speedwork tomorrow morning and Uzbeki food for dinner!

Want great, cheap bread, tomato salad, and lamb kebab? This place is AMAZING.



What’s the weirdest class you took in college/high school?
Not ballet, actually.  I took Intro to Robotics Using Legos.  It is also the only class I did not get an A in.  Rats.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve had to wear in public?
I wore a pretty heinous swimsuit at a family event because I didn’t pack one.  Luckily, two of my cousins were in the same boat.  I’ll post a picture tomorrow, just to confuse everyone who didn’t read this post.


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