A delicious yet slightly unfortunate…

Featuring what I ate Tuesday!  I call it unfortunate because I felt awful by the end of the day, and then realized I had basically neglected to intake carbs in any real way.  This resulted in a gleeful carb binge.  Yikes.  Hurr we go…

String cheese and whole grain crackers.  Started out meaning well on the carb front!


Sunflower seeds, dried cherries, and coconut

I was anxious about this mix since I’m not a huge coconut fan, but I gave it a go and realllly enjoyed it.  I swear dried cherries are like a natural gusher…without the gush.  Love love love.  In other news, I was upset to find that the bigger packages of sunflower seeds at the store were all unsalted.  I know that’s better for most people, but I need salt in my life in a big way!  Bring on the NaCl s’il vous plaît! (I’m trying to see how much of my high school education I can utilize in this post.  Two courses down!)

Pre-run #2

Jazz apple and FAT FREE Greek yogurt with chocolate chips

I remembered to buy the fat free kind!  I was so proud.

Post-run #2

Smoothie w/skim milk, almond butter (w/flaxseed & wheat germ), chocolate protein powder, banana, frozen cherries

There is only one type of almond butter available at my ShopRite.  Luckily, it is a brand that has toasted flaxseed and wheat germ mixed in.  I think this is a genius idea.

Rehearsal snacks

Watermelon and whole wheat crackers

Sorry for the blurry picture, but there’s not a lot of light backstage!  I learned from a reallll shaky (my body, not my acting, puh-lease) rehearsal on Monday and made sure to bring snacks that were salty.  I salted the watermelon and munched on my salty whole grain crackers.  I also ate an apple pie Lärabar and drank half a Yuengling in Scene 5.  That isn’t really normal in theatre, but all the beer we drink in this show is real.  Strangely, we mime the coffee.

Evening Snack
By the time I left rehearsal I felt awful!  I attributed it to low carbs and dehydration, but now I think it might also have been the beer.  I haven’t had much alcohol in the past several weeks, and that can really make a difference.  I ate the rest of the crackers on the way home and then made this:

Cinnamon sugar toast

Anybody else eat a goodly amount of cinnamon sugar toast as a kid?  It totally hit the spot. Washed down with some chocolate milk.  Yeah, I regressed about twenty years for my snack last night.

And that’s all she wrote!  Notice I didn’t eat a single real meal?  I’m gonna have to work on that, I think.  For now I’ll just concentrate on making it from one day to the next.


What do you snack on when you need a ton of energy?
Clif bars are definitely up there.


7 thoughts on “Cherry-pit

  1. Rachel says:

    i’m a fan of trail mix for a snack, but if i need an energy snack i need to be full from it. i sometimes grab a cliff bar, i’m also apt to grabbing animal crackers too though! and a juice box… aka snacking like an 8 year old 🙂

  2. Kat says:

    OMG!! Cinnamon sugar toast and chocolate milk! I def. had cinnamon sugar toast as a kid and still make it now, although it has been a while since I have made it. And chocolate milk? Finished up my quart last week! Snacks as 8 yr olds are sooo good!

    When I need a ton of energy, I’m usually grabbing coffee or chai tea latte. BUT I’m trying to break this habit, because I know that this drinks are not that great for me, because of the caffeine and the sugar.

  3. I’m with you, girl! I recently increased my coffee intake to two cups a day…one when I get up and one pre-performance! I try to use skim milk and stevia, but I know it’s not really the greatest thing I put in my body. Hope today’s as awesome as you hope it’ll be! I’m rooting for you. 😀

  4. Tt in nyc says:

    I have a peanut butter cliff bar with/crumbled in a cup of 2 percent greek yogurt to give me a great nutritious mini meal- perfect amount of complex carbs, protein and enough fat to keep me satisfied.

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