All the world’s a stage


As you may have noticed, I haven’t been around a lot lately!  That’s cuz it’s hell week – the week before a production goes up when everything goes to shit and you have no time for anything else. Often there is little eating, sleeping, or reacting to others in a humane manner during hell week. There is usually very little blogging as well.  : p

Something that’s great about this one, though?  Usually I gain weight during this time, since it’s full of hastily grabbed meals and doesn’t often allow time for exercise.  This time, I’m losing weight, thanks to a terror of wearing booty shorts onstage and the strategic use of the “fresco” option at Taco Bell.  My life is super glamorous, guys.

Since I’ve been SOO remiss at keeping y’all up to date, and will continue to be for at least a couple of days (but don’t worry – WIAW is HAPPENING!  I even remembered to take a picture today!), I will instead share a pictorial resume of sorts.  Ladies and gentlemen, my acting career.

Hermia Overdone at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire (Photo by Zack DeZon)

About to kick some ass as Constance Shoemaker at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire (Photo by the incomparable Michael Ulrich)

Slow motion improv fight (with Moe! Who I get to work with again this summer!) at Friday Knights at the Improv (Photo by Emily McDonald)

Drying my body paint as Lenawawe at Tecumseh! (Photo by Juliana Spaulding Speakman)

The Apothecary in Romeo and Juliet (Photo by Rachel Thomas)

Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (Photo by Brad Oxnam)

Gwendolen in The Importance of Being Earnest (Photo by Joyati Bhowmick)

Jo Briggs in Independence

Ann Deever in All My Sons (with a clean-shaven Alex playing my (eek!) brother!) (Photo by Sara Stewart)

Tracy in Carter’s Play! We open in TWO DAYS!!! (Photo by Melissa Bridge)

There you have it!  At least what I could find pictures of.  Must go fuel up for run number two before our LAST REHEARSAL BEFORE PREVIEW AAAAAH!!!  Just kidding.  I’m super ready.  Bring it!

Hot dog buns instead of bread for french toast: potentially awesome or totally gross? Discuss.
I’m thinking awesome, but am withholding judgment until I’m desperate enough to try it.


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