Such sweet sorrow

It’s time for another addition of…

Featuring what I ate Tuesday (because I finally caught on that this is a smarter way to do this):


Peanut butter toast with banana, coffee w/stevia and skim milk

Can you tell this is kind of a go-to for me?


I have to eat really often in order to take my meds lately – oh, how tragic!  I downed some chocolate pudding in the Staples parking lot after Alex and I stocked up on binders, binder tabs, highlighters and pens for our Tecumseh! scripts.

(Actory aside:  It varies highly from production to production (especially if you are doing a published play or musical), but if you are doing an unpublished play, you will often receive a PDF of your script from the company and are expected to print it out and organize it however you choose.  This was the case with Carter’s Play and Tecumseh!  For musicals and published plays, the production is actually required by the publisher to purchase a script for each actor and the director.  Knowledge!)

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have had an excuse to eat pudding so often this past week.  : )


Mixed greens with roast broccoli, tomatoes, and garlic lemon white beans with garlicky collard greens

My lunch brought to you by the ever-inspiring Heather (and, I guess, the dining commons at Framingham State : p).  I get really jealous of the bloggers I read who are in college and have so many healthy options already made for them at their dining halls.  But I know that’s no excuse, especially since I’m currently home all day and finally not hurting for funds, so I recreated this meal yesterday.  It was SO delicious and surprisingly filling!  I’ve never tried collard greens before, but they were SO GOOD.  Really chewy and painful to eat, though.  I can’t wait until my mouth stops hurting and I can really fully enjoy them!


Greek yogurt and banana

Last week I had  a “dinner,” too, which I guess is okay, since it is supposed to be the smallest meal of the day.  Because I work at night, it’s a little harder to have a real meal.  I spent my late afternoon going through my tiny wardrobe trying to put together costume options for Tracy (my character in Carter’s Play).  It was surprisingly brutal.  I think I look great, and I’ve definitely slimmed down in the past year, but I guess I never realized just how much weight I gained in Nashville.  I’m probably still ten to fifteen pounds over where I was two years ago, which was painfully obvious as I tried on each piece of clothing that hardly fit or simply couldn’t go over my hips.

I frantically downed this snack before running out the door.  This is full fat Greek yogurt, which I usually don’t eat.  I always get fat free, especially because I usually eat it with chocolate (I think this is the first time ever I didn’t – a breakthrough!), but the last two times I went to the store, I bought full fat by accident!  I would look really carefully, make sure I picked up fat free, and then when I got home realize I’d done it again!  I used to do this all the time with parking in Philly.  I would check fifteen times to make sure I was allowed to park where I did and then get back to a ticket for parking in a handicapped space.  Philly has gotten a lot of my money for my inability to read signs.  : p


More pudding at rehearsal (this one was chocolate vanilla swirl – even better than the chocolate!).  I always eat a snack during rehearsal.  It really keeps me from eating too much when I get home.  I make sure to keep mints handy for kissing scenes.  Pudding-residue-breath isn’t really polite when the person kissing you doesn’t actually love you.  I don’t extend this same courtesy to Alex.  : p


Pink guava coconut water

Coconut water and I have an interesting relationship.  I feel like I should be drinking it because it’s so popular and lauded lately, but it may actually not be all that great for me.  I was drinking a lot of it at one point when another actor said, “Isn’t potassium like the opposite of sodium?  Are you sure you should be drinking that?”  (I need lots and lots of salt because of seriously low blood pressure and issues processing sodium.)  Actors aren’t usually the first people you look to for knowledge about sodium/potassium pumps, but he was totally right.  Sometimes I can’t resist the craze and have some, anyway, though.

Tortilla chips and low fat cottage cheese

With salty tortilla chips and cottage cheese, of course!  Alex bought these as an alternative to my favorite salty snack, popcorn, which is not allowed until the holes where my teeth used to be are completely healed.  I enjoyed the hell out of this snack.  I highly, highly recommend it.

There ya go!  I counted the calories, since I was so freaked out by trying on all my clothes last night: 1,900.  Perfect.  I figure I want to be eating about 2,100 a day with my activity level, but as long as it’s between 1,500 and 2,100, I’m not about to be picky.

I feel really weird today, probably because I stayed up really late waiting for Alex to get back from the casino.  (I finally went to bed around four.  He got home at eight.  Eight am.  Eek.)  I get to go buy running leggings and boy shorts for the play as soon as I get myself going, though.  Yay!

One last thing:

She was yipping in her sleep when I took this. C’mon. That just isn’t fair.

In just ten days, Alex is taking my baby away and leaving her with his parents for the summer.  (He has to go to Ohio a week early to help get the stage ready for rehearsals.)  I don’t know what I’m going to do without her!  I’ve never been without this sweet ball of crazy for more than a week before.  I think it will help that I’ll be in a different location, especially one where I lived before I got Penny.  But you better believe I’m spoiling/smothering her every second until she leaves.

What’s something kind of weird about your job that other people might not know about it?
I am fascinated by “normal” jobs.  I think most actors are.  We spend a lot of time playing people with “regular” jobs, but don’t often have one.

Any healthy trends you can’t resist despite yourself?

Have you ever been forcefully separated from your furry child?
There are worse things, like not having a job.  Recently, I was complaining about how many lines I had to learn, and my music director said, “How do you make an actress complain?”  “How?”  “Give her a job.”  Ha!  I shut up after that. : p

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