Thy tooth is not so keen

Did you guys watch the Payton-Jordan Invitational last night?  It was crazy.  My absolute favorite part had to be this guy:


Lopez Lomong is officially a beast.  He kicked so hard in the second to last lap, that with 100 meters to go, the announcers realized “Oh my God this guy thinks he’s finishing.”  He (and David Torrence, who was behind him) thought he was on his last lap but still had one to go!  He slowed all the way down before he realized the photographers were telling him he still had one more.  It looked like he had nothing left, but he held his lead and still ran the last 400 in 59(?) seconds for a first place finish.

My life, on the other hand, has been way less exciting.  I really did something to mess up my foot, it seems, so I’m realllly having to take it easy.  It’s extra frustrating since I don’t have access to a pool or exercise equipment, but at least I had already resigned myself to resting this week.  I stuck to Cassey‘s Brokenhearted Ab Challenge, which blessedly involved no weight-bearing on my arms or legs.  Try it now!

Here’s the major excitement of my day:

Greek yogurt with 1/2 banana and chocolate chips; grapes!

Salad w/romaine lettuce, avocado, chicken, olives, and lemon juice!!

Green pepper pizza!!!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I have conquered (some) solid food.  It started tentatively with a stubborn chocolate craving, sailed right through the slight challenge of lettuce, and finally ended in the glorious destruction of half a pizza.  I was really craving peppers after I realized the peppers I’d bought before my surgery had not lasted the week.  I am always craving pizza.  I might be able to eat even more solid (crunchy?) stuff tomorrow!  (Really missing nuts right now.  Allllmonds…)

A few asides:

Breakfast did not originally include grapes, but in the book I was reading the characters were eating grapes, so naturally, I had to eat them as well.

Here’s a picture of my “office,” as requested by the adorable Janae:

Home, sweet home.

Here’s some great utilization of space for you:  Alex turned half of our living room into an office by sectioning it off with two desks and two bookshelves (at the right and left of the screen).  The bookshelves are at right angles to the desks, so they make the suggestion of a little room.  My bookshelf on the right is the first thing you see when you walk in our door.  His bookshelf holds our tiny TV (that black blob on the left edge of the picture), which is connected to his computer since we don’t have cable.  So the rest of the living room is a couch facing his bookshelf and a piano on the same wall as the door.  It’s really like having two rooms instead of one!  I was pretty thrilled when I walked in on this set-up for the first time.

Tomorrow is May.  Suddenly it seems like both productions are a lot closer.  Ehhhh…!  So much to do, so little time!

Do you get reading/movie/TV related cravings?
Always.  I was on a Hemingway kick for awhile and drank way too much wine.  I drink a lot of coffee while reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (starting the second one tonight!), and Harry Potter induces cravings for chocolate, cake, and bacon sandwiches.  Thank God this book involved fruit!

What is suddenly urgent for you now that it’s a new month?
It’s easy to think I’ll worry about Tecumseh! when Carter’s Play is over, but in reality I have to be on the road to Tecumseh! within 9 hours of Carter’s Play closing.  Eep!


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