Week 6 Recap!  What a weeeeird week!  I went all out trying to get as much exercise in as possible before I got my wisdom teeth out and (of course!) wound up injuring myself in the process.  Let’s look at the tapes!

I think I'm the only one who can tell that my jaw is swollen, but I definitely see it!


April 23rd
Rest day!  I am very proud of a new-found ability to listen to my body and not feel guilty about it.

April 24th
AM:  20 minutes strength (pushups + Fit Sugar’s All Abs Workout)
PM:  2.14 mile run

April 25th
AM:  4.5 mile long run WITH ALEX!  (my favorite runs)
PM:  2.55 mile pre-rehearsal easy run + pulsing plié squats

April 26th
AM:  3 mile easy run and 10 minutes yoga with an old college classmate
PM:  30 minutes strength training (uneven plié squats + Heather‘s Shakin’ Shoulders Circuit), 2 mile tempo run.  As soon as I got home from this run, I knew something was wrong!  My left foot was hurting like crazy.  I taped it up and put my old sneakers on for rehearsal, but I still had to limp my way around the grocery store afterwards (on my soft food quest).  Just one more reason to take it easy post-surgery!

April 27th
Rest day…I got my wisdom teeth out and man, did I sleep.

April 21st
PM:  I actually went off my pain meds early so I could workout.  I ended up doing ten minutes of yoga without any arm work (I’m not supposed to life over 10 pounds with my IV arm for a whole week!). A verrrry small workout, but it was needed!

April 29th
AM:  30 minutes circuit training, minus push-ups (Crunch Boot Camp is streaming on Netflix!), 10 minute walk

Total mileage: 14.16


Biggest slip-up
Let’s face it, eating wasn’t my strong suit this week.  Burgers, french fries, chicken fingers…you get the picture.

Best effort
Buying mostly healthy foods for post-surgery!  When I asked for advice on Facebook, everyone talked about all the ice cream they ate.  I was proud of myself for sticking to avocados and tofu.

My post-surgery soft food purchases. I never want to see dairy again.


Proudest of
Working out when I could have skipped it, not working out when I knew I shouldn’t.

New things I tried
Vegan pumpkin pudding, avocado & cottage cheese, Crunch Boot Camp DVD, Greek yogurt w/chocolate pudding

Big moments
My wisdom teeth are no more!  (I feel almost bad about how happy I am to see them gone.  Like I should at least have said goodbye or something.)  Also, we rehearsed in our performance space for the first time today.  I like it a lot, even though it’s kind of an echo chamber.

And, finally, Alex’s team made it to the Final Four!  I’m so proud!


– Scriptwork/research!
– Get all my stuff out of my Mom’s house (she’s selling our childhood home!  eep!)
– Realize that I have to move in 3 weeks and actually do all the stuff attendant on that
– Maybe see some of my friends before I go (I suck at this)
– Definitely see my brother before he moves to LA
– Make an effort to be smart about recovering from this foot injury

30 Days of Fun:
Do pain meds count?  Just kidding.  Surgery recovery has actually been great!  Unrepentant couch time, yes, please!


What new things did you try this week?

Do you ever do workout DVDs?

Say you weren’t allowed to use your left arm and your left foot was also injured…what kind of workout might you do?  Hmm?  No, no reason, just curious…

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2 thoughts on “Puff’d

  1. Sophie says:

    Wait, your mom is selling your house? Noooooooooooo! 😦 So many memories, sigh.

    On a different, related to health/fitness note, I am on day 1 of a 3 day juice cleanse…this could be rough. I feel like this might be something you’d be into, but definitely not for more than 3 days (I don’t know how people do this for a whole week…).

  2. Oh wow! I think if I had your job, I would definitely give it a shot (except the caffeine! Are you not drinking coffee?!). With having to be on my feet so much for work and my terribly low blood pressure, I don’t think it would be a great idea for me. How are you doing so far?!

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