You have but slumbered here

Hey everyone!  I made it!  I’m even semi-lucid right now, so I figure this is a great time for an update.  (I’m also trying to forget that I’m not at Alex’s first ever playoff game as a college coach!! Go Explorers!)

I got some great news when I got to the surgeon’s – I only had top wisdom teeth!  This was so awesome, because the bottom teeth are the dangerous, hard-to-remove ones, and also the ones that need the most care post-surgery.  My vague terror just kind of slipped away as soon as she showed me my X-ray.

It took forever for them to get me to the back room, but of course it was over before I knew it.  I woke up in a small room full of paintings of Flyers players that took forever to come into focus.  I also COULD NOT stop laughing, and ordered Alex to take pictures of me every five seconds.  I would not believe him when he insisted he already had.  He took a doozy, which you can bet I’ll post as soon as I can.

The classiest part of the day, by far, was when I threw up in the WalMart parking lot pre-prescription drop-off.  And Alex and I had just been talking about how I hadn’t thrown up once since I met him (this is what we discuss in our free time, yes).

I spent the rest of the day like this:

Penny did her best to graciously share her couch

It’s like a full-time job trying to figure out this wisdom tooth recovery thing!  All my meds are timed, and when and what I can eat and how often to use a salt rinse, etc.  It’s confusing enough before you add pain meds to the mix!

Most of what I ate was some variation on chocolate + dairy:  chocolate pudding, chocolate milk, Greek yogurt mixed with chocolate pudding.  I did whip together this doozy, though, which gave me a little anxiety about getting stuck in the holes where my teeth used to be:

Cottage cheese and avocado

I was sick of sweet stuff, though, so this was welcome.  Penny also discovered that she loves avocado.  I totally knew she would.

By nine I was starving, and begged Alex to bring home some macaroni and cheese.  Not only did he deliver, he bought an all-natural organic brand!  I was one happy, drugged up girl.  We watched 30 Rock, specifically the one where Liz is recovering from oral surgery and meets her “future husband.”

Today has been more of the same – I woke with a headache and achy teeth, but nothing too bad. I was incredibly grateful that my director had cancelled rehearsal, however, because there was no way I would have been up to it.  I made this for breakfast (and lunch as it turned out – this was one huge sweet potato):

Homemade sweet potato fries

Later I made vegan pumpkin pudding, which isn’t realllly my thing, but it was still pretty tasty, considering.  I really wished I had some whipped cream for it.

And now.  I tried Advil instead of my evening pain meds, because I was informed that I actually can work out as long as I’m no longer on the pain medication.  They said no lifting over ten pounds with my IV arm (which I never really do anyway except for body-weight workouts) and they were wary of running in case I clench my jaw while I run (which I probably sometimes do).  I’m still trying to decide what to do, but I’m pretty sure a workout is in my very near future!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Penny don't mess

Meanwhile, Penny has reclaimed the couch.

Aside:  This fall, Alex and I got the flu one after the other, and the comforter and pillows lived on the couch for almost a month.  When we were finally better, we got home to find Penny had dragged them out to the couch while we were gone.  It was so adorable, we almost couldn’t punish her.  It was like she was concerned we had forgotten them that morning and was trying to help us out.

Also:  My blood pressure yesterday was 60/45.  I know I say that I have blood pressure issues, that my blood pressure is really low and sometimes I feel weak and dizzy, etc.  It can sound like I’m exaggerating, but there it is, folks!  Luckily this means I get to eat as much salt as I want, always!  I have the best health problem ever!

What was your workout today?
Let me live vicariously through you!


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