A faint cold fear thrills through my veins

I had a lovely puppy run with Molly and her adorable little pooch Arlo this morning.  I haven’t seen Molly since college, and it was so good to catch up!  We took a cool down walk and then headed to my apartment to do some yoga, where Arlo instantly took over the place and claimed every toy as his.  Penny was…dismayed, to say the least.  It was hilarious.

Had a weird, cobbled-together smoothie…

This cup gets a lot of mileage around here...

Skim milk, banana, chocolate chips, protein powder, vanilla extract, cinnamon, stevia.  Chocolate chips are awesome in a smoothie, as long as you use them verrrry sparingly.  It is easy to overdo them and hate life twenty minutes later.

And, my super strange and kind of pathetic post-wisdom-teeth-removal grocery list:

I opted for cottage cheese over cocoa powder in the last line. Be proud.

I wanted to try and eat relatively healthy while I can’t eat solid foods or seeds, so I kind of went down my meal lists and picked anything that seemed ok.  I’m going to attempt to make some vegan pumpkin pudding, which I should probably do tonight, before I’m on any pain meds.  I don’t think blenders and pain medication mix (GET IT?!) too well.

(I keep accidentally making puns and pretending I did them on purpose.  Yes, I accidentally made an “inaugural” pun last night.  I never said I was cool.)

I’m getting really freaked about the surgery, but at least my teeth are realllly hurting today.  This is good, because it helps me to say to myself, “Well, if they’re going to hurt anyway, it might as well be because you got rid of them.”  Trying to ignore the dangers of anesthesia and possible fractured jaw.  Ehhhh…

Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?
Please tell me it was a beautiful, fragrant walk in the park.  Like Snow White pre-witch encounter. Please?

Any suggestions for liquid/mashed goodness?


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