Rough winds

It’s time for another addition of…

I can’t say I actively tried to live up to the extra serving of veggies, because it was one of those days where you just hope you make it through the day and if food is involved, then that’s just a plus.  Today I ate:

1/2 banana and 1 c coffee w/Stevia (holy sweetener that’s sweet!) and skim milk (inspired by the lovely Sara)


I may have gotten a little excited and forgotten to take a picture...

Alex and I ran 4.5 miles at Pennypack Park, and then headed to the diner that is serendipitously located just a block away.  I got eggs overeasy with home fries (plus onions for 35¢ extra, clearly – gotta get that quercetin), whole wheat toast, and sausage (with syrup for dipping, natch).  Also 2 c coffee w/”compare to Splenda” (yikes) and half & half.

Pre-Workout #2

Sliced green & red pepper and homemade pita chips with roasted garlic hummus.  I swear I took a picture, but it somehow did not save on my phone.  Accompanied by hot chocolate, because it was just that kind of a day.


I was still in a relatively good mood at this point, as evidenced by my snack's mood

Apple, banana, and like half a serving of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked fro-yo.  This stuff is amazing and is actually lower in calories and sugar than their new Greek yogurt & fruit combos (although probably higher in scary ingredients – the one part of the label I didn’t check!).  This snack quickly proved to be disastrous gastro-intestinally.  I can’t believe anybody came near me at rehearsal, never mind actually kissed me.  Yikes.


Need I say more?


Grabbed a tin of peanuts on my way out the door to rehearsal and ate at least three servings during and after.  Did not ultimately help the GI distress.


Shakespeare, the zoo, and orange juice. All a girl really needs in life...

I had a great rehearsal, but came home in a foul mood.  If you’ve ever driven in Philly, you’ll understand why.  I actually called the state troopers on like half of the people driving with me, and got to see a cop car screaming towards justice, which was sort of satisfying.  I grumbled until puppy and boyfriend cuddles and the following trailer made me feel a little better, then got fed up with our lack of food and poured myself some OJ.  Will almost definitely have some chocolate chips before bed.  AND START MY NEW BOOK.  Which may or may not be kinda lame, but hopefully it will give me some character insight.  Two weeks till preview!  (The “soft open” of a play, before opening, for you non-theatre types.)

Please enjoy this now:

I have had the pleasure of seeing the gentleman who plays Abraham Lincoln also play Andrew Jackson in the inaugural (get it?) production of the emo musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  I may also have played Rock Band with him, but I honestly can’t remember if he was there.  I wonder if when he was an undergrad he ever thought “quirky takes on US Presidents” would be his niche?  Not really a type you often hear.


What can turn your day upside down/right side up again?

Have you ever had to kiss anyone onstage/on camera/for a bet/for charity?
I have actually kissed more people onstage/on camera than I have in real life.  Fact.

Any super random name dropping you’d like to share?
Reallllly can’t wait to hear these.  Omg, please answer this one!

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6 thoughts on “Rough winds

  1. I love ben & jerry’s half baked, but it always gives me a stomach ache too 😦 congrats on being two weeks away from previews of your show! I can’t act to save my life, but i LOVE watching live theater 🙂

    • Thank you!! I’m super excited. There’s still so much to explore with both of my characters!

      Congrats on starting your blog! I can’t wait to see it grow. And, if by some chance you haven’t seen this, may you have an awesome 10 minutes:

  2. I have not tried B&J’s froyo, but that needs to happen in my life soon. And Abraham Vampire Hunter? I can’t WAIT to see it!! I need to read the book yet too.

    To answer your questions:
    I think my fiance usually can turn my day around again…that and sleep.
    Nope…oh wait yes, for a trade, like we’ll kiss if you kiss type of thing.
    random name dropping…sadly I don’t have any names to drop.

    • The fro yo is amazing…I think better than the ice cream, because it’s not as rich. I totally need to read that book, too. I was only mildly impressed with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but my boyfriend keeps raving about ALVH, and just started his “Unholy Night,” about the three wise men, so…I have catching up to do. Love the kiss trade, ha. Just trying to imagine that situation :p

  3. oh my freakin’ word! thanks for the shout out! did this pre-workout combo work for you? it really suits me and my body well. i used to run without anything in the morning and i find that just this little bit does WONDERS for my workouts. what did you think?

    • Haha of course! I think it is great for strength workouts and shorter runs, but I got really hungry by mile three yesterday! Which was fine because I knew diner pig-outs were coming anyway, but normally I will try to avoid getting too hungry. I’ll probably put the banana half on some peanut butter toast for four miles or more.

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