Go and get me some repast

Last night was date night!  I know it sounds like every night is date night, but because our schedules get so crazy, we have to really make an effort to spend some time together.  Since we met doing a show, we started our relationship seeing each other 24/7.  Now anything less makes us miss each other constantly!

Alex has been working hard lately, and I’ve been home a lot, so I played housewife and made a manly cocktail hour for him.

Sliced peppers and roasted garlic hummus


Homemade pita chips and his favorite salsa

These chips are amazing and super-easy to make.  I’m pretty sure I got the recipe from Seventeen ages ago.  Like, when I was actually seventeen.

Hurr we go:

– Preheat oven to 375.  Prep a baking sheet with olive oil baking spray.

– Cut two whole wheat pitas into eighths.  Spray with olive oil baking spray and sprinkle with garlic powder and salt (or garlic salt if multi-tasking’s your thing).

The OCD child in me saw this as a fun puzzle : p

– Place pita slices on baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes or until browned (I think mine took seven, actually.  Depends on your oven.)

– Eat those suckers!  I seem to remember the original recipe suggested cottage cheese mixed with salsa as a dip, which is amazing and also super healthy.  Alex used the salsa, I used the hummus. Delish.

Annnd the “main course”:

Homemade chicken fingers with buttermilk ranch

I know you were waiting for this to get manly.  Whoop, there it is.  (<–Alex and I have actually used this phrase in casual conversation twice in the past week, so I’ve decided to give up and own it. Nineties!)

Alex has been singing me this song lately, so I felt I had to prove I’ve earned it.

I love all her reactions.  Well done, anonymous actress girl!  (I did try to find out who it was to give her props, but I can’t find any credits!  Boo.)

Watch me smoothly segue into the next part of this post…

Which is, that I’ve been listening to country a lot lately while I work out.  I listen to country ALL the damn time, but usually when I work out I listen to pop, hip-hop, and/or punk, depending on my mood.  You know, something with a faster beat that’ll get me moving!  But I’ve just been feeling like country lately and I finally figured out why!  It’s because it reminds me of Tecumseh!, where I definitely live more of a country lifestyle.  (Shoes?  Please.  Ride in the back of a pick-up?  You bet.  Cold beer?  Please tell me you’re joking.  YES.  It goes perfectly with my bikini, denim mini, and flip-flops.  Make sure you hold it above your head before jumping in the lake!)

I make it sound like one big country party, but in reality the show (especially the rehearsal period) is really grueling.  The stage is made of sand, which is hard to move on efficiently.  You have to climb steep hills to get to a lot of the entrances (and actually a REALLY steep one to get from the dressing rooms to the stage).  I have two dances this year (a frontier wedding dance and a Shawnee war dance).  And then there’s all the running around backstage to get to your next entrance, not to mention quick changes!  (If you don’t think this is a mini-workout, you’ve never done a quick change in and out of a tight leather dress in eighty degree weather.  Eek.)

So the country music reminds me both of how every workout I do now will make my life easier a month from now, and also of just how much I wear a bikini (or a sports bra) while there!  Double motivation!

A few more odds and ends:

Frontiersman for Tecumseh! research, my Tecumseh! cue notebook (I have to learn all the female lines - yikes), SNL history, the Poker Bible

This is what our coffee table looked like before I cleared it for dinner last night.  I may seem like a stay-at-home puppy mom lately, but really I’ve just been working hard on my career from the couch!

And that puppy:


After I gave her an entire slice of chicken AND a slice of provolone, she still felt she had to beg for the rest of my sandwich.  That’s my girl.

Intently watching the geese on the TV

Penny could care less what we’re watching, unless it involves dogs, cats, or birds.  Then she’s all about it.  She was captivated by Homeward Bound.  I can’t think of ever seeing anything more adorable.

Do you ever get all housewife for your man?
I love to.  Don’t worry, he gets all house husband occasionally, too.  His favorite house husband trick is to wash all the dishes and clean the kitchen before I get home.  He also mixes all our drinks (because SOMEONE *cough*me*cough* gets a little heavy-handed with the liquor) and is in charge of all things soup and chili related.

Do you listen to music when you work out?  What’s the weirdest thing you listen to?
I never do when I run.  I find headphones annoying and kinda unsafe, and also just really enjoy the meditative aspect of running.  This could also be why I’m super slow, though.  : p   Sometimes I listen to musicals, especially this underrated gem:

I may or may not listen to this before every race.  Ok, I do.

Does your dog watch TV?


2 thoughts on “Go and get me some repast

  1. Sophie says:

    I approve of the food, some of the country, and OMG YES of Hercules. Despite its total bastardization of mythology, I adooooored that movie. And now I shall put it on my queue. Yay!

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