Living dully sluggardized at home

Alex gave blood today, so we actually started our day with a date!  I met him at the casino (that’s where the blood drive was!) for lunch at Chickie’s and Pete’s.  I’ve been telling Alex since before we moved here that he had to try their fries, and he finally did!  It was very satisfying.  Of course he found them amazing.

Crinkle-cut fries with crab seasoning and American cheese sauce, and BBQ bacon burger

Despite this indulgence, I took a “rest” day today.  Running in the rain one day is fun and silly. Doing it twice in a row means you have nothing to wear that isn’t gross from over-flooded creek water.  But I still did all of the Pilates mat exercises I learned while studying for my certification today, so it wasn’t really a tooootal rest day.

I have two running dates later this week!  Alex and I are running 4.5 miles Wednesday morning so that we can go eat twice as many calories at the diner near the trailhead directly afterwards.  And Thursday afternoon I’m meeting Molly, who directed me in college, for a 3 miler with our puppies! This is good because I will want to be tired out for my surgery the next day.  I’m going to do everything in my power to sleep all day Friday!

I’m off to make homemade sweet potato fries before my poker tournament!  (Poker is a decent part of our social life at Tecumseh!, so I need to brush up!)

Do you accidentally exercise on your rest days?

Do you run alone or with friends?

Would you totally beat me in heads up Hold ‘Em?


4 thoughts on “Living dully sluggardized at home

  1. accidentally exercise? i don’t think so. my rest days (usually saturday) is truly a rest day. i will take my dog on a walk (she needs it or she is crazy!), but i sincerely look forward to do NOTHING. feels great when you earn it.

    • I would like to take this moment to respectfully request a picture of your dog on your blog, since I just stalked you about a month back and couldn’t find one. :p I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m sort of obsessed with my pooch.

  2. I never accidentally exercise on my rest days 🙂 I run alone, I don’t have a lot of friends since I moved to NJ, but I don’t mind the silence, I prefer to be alone when doing a workout!

  3. Yeah, I hear that! I tried to have a regular running buddy once, and it just stressed me out. But I’m notorious at canceling on people, so meeting for a run pretty much ensures I won’t.

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