There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so

Week 5 Recap!  This week was race recovery, getting back in the swing of things fitness-wise, and Bess Be Fit‘s seven days of stretching.  A hard but rewarding week!


April 16th
AM:  15 minutes of strength training, including ZWOW 13.  I’m always so proud when I can keep up with her or SOMETIMES – totally charge past her.  She’s got me beat in the leg department, but my abs are actually stronger!  Just hiding under my belly squish.  ; )

April 17th
AM:  2 mile easy run, 40 minutes yoga
PM:  35 minutes strength training (including POP Pilates for Beginners, just to brush up my form), 25 minutes yoga

April 18th
AM:  25 minutes strength training (weighted jump lunges plus ZWOW 7 – totally did not know there would be jump lunges in this, too!  I was wiped), 15 minutes yoga
PM:  5 minutes sun salutations

April 19th
AM:  3 miles speed work (2×800 @ 8:26), 10 minutes yoga.  I was super-tired from the run and getting frustrated searching for a yoga routine, when I found this.  Perfect post-run stretch!
PM:  20 minutes yoga

April 20th
PM:  10 minutes strength training before I realized it wasn’t gonna happen tonight (exhaustion + hip pain), 20 minutes yoga

April 21st
AM:  4.5 mile long run in my new Skechers Go Runs!  Had to resist looking at my feet.  I ran on a beautiful back road I’d never run on before.  It got me so psyched for my runs this summer in gorgeous Chillicothe!  Aaaand 10 minutes yoga.
PM:  2.98 mile interval run with Alex, 10 minutes post-date, pre-bed yoga

Alex would like you to know that these are actually deep turquoise and much more beautiful in real life

April 22nd
AM:  15 minutes yoga from the YOGA JOURNAL Alex bought for me last night!  Best boyfriend ever!
PM:  2.72 mile easy run IN THE RAIN, WITH MY DOG.  By far the best part about this run was that nobody else was crazy enough to be out on the trail.  It was 48 degrees and raining with 15 mph winds, and around 6:15 on a Sunday.  So…Penny got to run off her leash the whole time!  We had a ball and she only almost killed herself twice.  Win!

Totally soaked after our run

Total mileage: 15.2


Biggest slip-up
Alex bought me a HUGE bag of chocolate chips.  I grab them a little too often, maybe.  :\

Best effort
I was an emotional wreck on Monday over trying to figure out my taxes.  Despite this, I did NOT make myself more coffee or accept the wine my mom offered at dinner.  I’m not an emotional eater, but I do tend to drink comforting beverages when I’m in the dumps!  Not today!


Proudest of
Accepting that my muscles were fried on Friday night, and stopping mid-workout.  Not my strong suit.  Also, kicking some of my OCD habits to the curb.

New things I tried
An Irish Rose (whiskey, pomegranate juice, ginger ale, & lime – try it!  so good), my Skechers Go Runs, letting Penny off her leash at the park.

Big moments
Alex won $1,000 in a poker tournament on Friday night!  Which means we had date night last night and actually went out for dinner and actually ordered drinks and dessert!  It was so crazy to feel like we didn’t have to watch every penny!  Then we went to the bookstore and spent way too much time in the US History and Sociology sections talking and looking for research books for our upcoming productions.  I didn’t get anything (I’ve got some things on hold at the library), but Alex got a sci-fi take on the three wise men and a mathematics of poker book (and a Yoga Journal for me!  Yoga is essential when living with 50 other actors…you just need superhuman patience and a little guidance).  He also showed me the running section, which made me drool a little.  I would like the entire Sociology, US History and Running sections for Christmas, everyone.  And also The Comedy Bible.  I’m glad you’re taking notes.

Penny's dry and cozy once more

– Really dig in to my scripts
– Find some modeling gigs?
– Get to work on that pre-move to-do list
– Get in fourteen miles before my surgery
– Don’t panic about surgery
– Don’t panic about surgery
– OMG, don’t panic about surgery

30 Days of Fun:
Jumped in lots of puddles in the rain, had a cocktail and some chocolate torte, read as much as humanly possible, went running shoe shopping!

How was your week?!

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