I haste me to my bed

Quick post!  I have to be up early to take my brother to get his wisdom teeth out…lucky son-of-a… I’m super-jealous!  Teething is the worst!

Two things:

1) My favorite quick snacks

For my heinously overworked lawyer bestie and all you heinously overworked readers out there!

The easiest (and probably the healthiest) option of all is ANY fruit + protein/fat combo.  These take no preparation beyond maybe throwing something in a baggy, and are super filling and delicious!  I shall do this Genie-from-Aladdin-style and present you with a column A and column B for easy snack creation fun!

So portable!


cottage cheese
hard-boiled egg
nut butter
nutella (why not?! do it!)
protein bar
string cheese

I almost forgot protein bars!

Easy, right? Second on the easy list is a variation on the above: trail mix. Following the same simple rules, here’s a list of my favorite things to put in trail mix. Pick and choose to make your own awesome mix!

Trail Fixin’s
almonds  (try cocoa dusted or cinnamon roasted for extra flavor!)
chocolate chips
dried cherries
high-fiber cereal
yogurt-covered raisins (bonus!)

My favorite is definitely almonds, dark chocolate chips & dried cherries.  Sooo good!

Some other options that require a little more prep/bringing a whole container of something/maybe refrigeration if you are kind of worried about bacteria, etc.:

Try single-serve hummus packets for extra convenience.

cottage cheese & sunflower seeds
hummus & veggies (my fave is raw string beans OMG)
half a sandwich
soup at hand  (expensive but so genius)
pre-made smoothie (I love Naked juices)
Greek yogurt (I pretty much only eat this with chocolate chips…yummm)
whole grain crackers and cheese

My favorite meal/snack!

And if you’re only a little peckish and have a hot water machine in the office, why not some fat-free hot chocolate?  Sometimes I find this filling and indulgent enough to make work a little more enjoyable.

2) Tecumseh!


I’ve been talking about my summer a lot and realize many of you may have no idea what I’m talking about!  This summer I’ll be playing Martha Kenton in the outdoor drama Tecumseh!  (Alex will be playing Lieutenant Ross.)  We met doing this show in 2010, and this will be Alex’s fifth year being involved, so it’s very close to our heart.  The icing on the cake for me is that one of my favorite actor friends will be playing Tecumapese, the female lead.  We met when we roomed together at my first professional theatre gig, but we’ve yet to be at Tecumseh! together (yes, the exclamation point is part of the title!).

That's me second from right with the torch. This year I play a frontierswoman, though.


The entire show takes place on a giant outdoor stage complete with giant “rock” formations and a real pond.  We use live horses, real guns, and actual cannons (I have to learn to fire a cannon this year – scary!).  There’s dancing and fighting and, most importantly, an amazing story of courage and betrayal.  It’s a ton of fun, so if you’ll be anywhere near Ohio this summer, you should totally check it out!  (Bonus points:  I’m giving tours, so if you take one, I get to show you around!)

Alex is second from the right, too. Look at that beard, ladies!


Alright, enough yapping, it’s time for bed!

What are your favorite snacks when you have NO TIME to pack a snack?

Any summer rituals you do every year?

Have you ever ridden a horse/fired a gun/fired a CANNON?!


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