I am not furnished like a beggar

Today was a weird day, food & exercise-wise, since I spent most of it escorting my brother around and taking care of him (he got his wisdom teeth out this morning!).  I pushed my workout way back and cobbled together strange meals from what my parents had in their fridge.

But…it was an amazing day SHOE-WISE!

I think I'm in love.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for these shoes my whole life.  I can’t even tell you how long I’ve wanted them (and how much my feet have been hurting lately in my old shoes).  I did a lot of research and felt that these would be a really great match for me, so I was kind of trepidatious to meet them in person.  But when I put them on!  They fit like a glove.  I have never experienced such comfort with any shoe.  I can’t wait to give them a test run tomorrow!  My one fear is I may be a little heavy for them.  I’m not sure how much I weigh, but it was 165 when last I checked (Christmas), so I’m on the heavy side for “minimal” shoes.  But I guess we will find out.  If it comes to it, I will split mileage between my old shoes and these.

Side note:  My future castmate and equestrian(?) has these shoes in green.  We will be twinsies and I will probably make her run with me.  Yesssss…

Side note part deux:  I multi-tasked and made myself an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out while dropping Brad off for his surgery (sibling rivalry knows no end!). I’m getting them pulled in one short week, and they said NO RUNNING FOR SEVEN DAYS.  You read that right.  Not sure what to do with that.  (Except squeeze fifteen miles into Saturday and Sunday next week ; )

Side note the third:  Can we just talk about my hair in this photo from the last show I did?

On second thought, I think it surpasses mere words.

Side note, this being the fourth:


Anyone else’s tan lines getting out of control lately?!  Thinking about a) purchasing booty shorts, b) getting a different style of sports bra so I can switch it up.  Definitely DON’T want to be tempted to tan.  Eek!


What did you eat when you got your wisdom teeth out?
Please ease my terror slightly with your worldly advice!


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