There be the victory

The results are in!

As you may recall, I ran my first-ever 5 mile race on Sunday:  The Hatfield Five & Dime.  The race format was really cool, because you could choose mid-race whether to run five or ten miles.  Just head right for the finish line or left to loop around!  We, like many people, made our decision long before race day, but it’s still an awesome concept.

Easily the coolest race t-shirt I've received


Alex won third in his age group…

Look at that beard! Growing it out for Tecumseh!

Turns out there were only three in his age group, as we kind of suspected might be the case.  But I insisted he be proud of it anyway.  You got a medal!  This is awesome!  (We also parsed out the difference between entering a race you want to run, running your best race, and finding out you got a medal as opposed to picking a race because you think it will be easy for you to get a medal.  We agreed the first was classier, but it won’t stop us from medal-chasing this race next year. ; )

Our official time was 50:14 (10:03 min/mi pace).  I came in:

125th out of 212 runners
60th out of 128 female runners
4th out of 10 females 25-29

I was actually only 37 seconds behind third place!  This is exciting for me!

Photo by US Candids

Pretty sure we’ll be purchasing this photo tonight (the long-awaited paycheck is here!).  We just look so happy in it!  Of course!  We just raced a new distance!

I honestly never thought I’d find so much joy in racing.  That’s what keeps me getting up at 6:30 on race days.

Even the camera's blurry-eyed this early!

Definitely not a morning person.  There are now officially three things that make me want to get up this early:  acting, modeling, and now, racing.  Probably there will be four when my brothers start having kids.  That is it.  Career, running, babies.  Running, you have made the list!

I’ll be back later with What I Ate Wednesday…I have some EATING to do before then!  ; )

Point of interest:  Did you know there are workout videos streaming on Netflix?  I didn’t, until I queued up The Biggest Loser to watch while I strength-trained this morning and a bunch came up as suggestions.  I’m definitely going to try a cardio video as cross-training, since my mileage is still relatively low.  I haven’t been this excited by Netflix since I found out the first season of SNL was streaming!  Netflix, you complete me.

What was/is your last/next race?
Coming up, the Walnut Hills 5k Kick Off in Cincinnati, OH (June 10th), to support the local boys’ soccer teams and the Little Miami Half-Marathon in Morrow, OH (August 19th).  I’d love to see you at these if you’re in the area!

How do you cross-train?
Right now I don’t!  The classic cross-training methods of biking and swimming are beyond my modest means, and walking is BO-RING.  (Well, around here.  I may walk more when I get to beautiful rural Ohio.)

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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