Well run, Thisbe

Let’s talk about this morning’s post-run snack for a moment.

Wasa multigrain crackers w/scrambled egg whites & reduced-fat cheddar

Actually, the caption basically says it all.  This is one of my favorite recovery snacks – lots of protein, filling carbs, not too much fat, and keeps me full until lunch (or my next pre-workout snack, as the case may be).  Just scrambled up the egg whites, plopped ’em on the crackers, topped with the cheese, and stuck it under the broiler for a minute.

We can also talk about how this was the second time in as many days that I started the broiler, forgot about whatever I was toasting, freaked out, opened the broiler only to find it empty, and freaked out even more.  Both times I’d put the sucker in the oven instead.  I’ve been a little freaked out about my taxes, in case you can’t tell…

Which my mom and I finally gave up on and paid someone to do for me. Well, she paid them.  I’ll probably reimburse her with my return by A) handing her the money or B) (more awesome and likely) buying her a WXTU MegaTicket for like a billion country shows this summer.  She’s never been to one!  This is stupid.  Just stupid.  She’s going.

And one more thing…

I was introduced to this Bess Be Fit challenge via Kate‘s awesome fitness blog.  I started today with 20 minutes of yoga after my morning run, then 20 more when Alex asked me to help him stretch.  When we finished with his session, he said, “Man, I feel like I’m ready to go run another four miles.”  So true!  Stretching (especially yoga, in my yoga-obsessed opinion) is magic for winding down AND recharging after a workout.  So glad Kate turned me on to this challenge!  I definitely see it becoming an automatic post-run ritual, especially once I get to Tecumseh! with all its crazy physical demands.

This post brought to you by Lady Antebellum.  Aaaaaah  <– happy sigh.

You’re welcome.

30 Days of Fun:
Modern Family marathon, complete with deciding which character we are in each episode.  I am nearly always Mitchell (sometimes Clare), Alex is often Phil or Cam.  Guess that makes sense!  We relate to this show on an eerie level.

What do you eat post-workout?
Smoothies are pretty high on the list, not gonna lie.

What concert are you dying to go to this summer?
Seriously considering CMA Fest tickets…

Do you watch Modern Family?  What character are you?
Only every night!


5 thoughts on “Well run, Thisbe

  1. kaitwatts says:

    Yay for stretching and for the shout out! We always hit up one of the country stars at our local rodeos, like Kenny Chesney or Big and Rich. I love smoothies after a run too.

  2. Post workout I usually drink a smoothie it dependa at what time I am working out, if in the morning a high calorie smootie (spinach, protein powder, flax seeds, flax seed oil, fruits, and some juice, and almond milk) will work, if after 8PM I usually eat a greek yogurt.

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