A mark marvelous well shot

Week 4 Recap!  Taper week, so no strength training and minimal running to keep those legs fresh. It was hard to do, but it paid off in a great race and in making me feel SO READY to start working out hard again.  Sometimes some enforced rest is just what you need!


April 9th
PM:  1 mile easy run, 30 minute walk

April 10th
AM:  2 mile easy run

April 11th
“Rest” day – 6 hour modeling gig (standing entire time) and 3 hour rehearsal.  Not that I consider this a workout, but it certainly didn’t rest my legs!

April 12th
PM:  3 miles speed work (2×800 @ 8:26)

April 13th
AM:  2 miles easy (w/boyfriend & pooch – my favorite runs!)

April 14th
Rest!  Race day tomorrow!

April 15th
AM:  Hatfield Five & Dime!!!  Ran the five mile race in (unofficial time) 49:57.45 (9:55 min/mi). Results not posted yet.  Alex finished with me and won 3rd in his age group!


Total mileage: 13.02


Biggest slip-up
Wine & gin at dinner last night?  It’s been a really good week food-wise, despite our tough financial sitch (which usually means some really desperate food choices).

Best effort
Making a pre-groceries stir fry to take the edge off my hunger!  Delicious and smart, if I do say so myself.


Proudest of
Not stopping to walk during my five-miler!  I was close a few times, there.

New things I tried
Mint jelly, homemade yogurt sauce, carrots and green beans in my eggs, Greek yogurt/brown sugar “gelato”, a five mile race!

Big moments
I ran my first five mile race!  I can’t stress enough how excited I am about this.  And Alex got his first ever medal in a race!  Double win!

– Still…haven’t done my taxes.  I was totally gonna do them a week ago and realized some documents were still at my Dad’s house.  Now I need to go get them, and hopefully find a completely free tax service, as our only source of income is inexplicably late and we have NO money to pay to do my taxes.  Grrrr.

30 Days of Fun:
– Watched Boston Marathon during my workout this morning.  So inspiring!

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  1. […] you may recall, I ran my first-ever 5 mile race on Sunday:  The Hatfield Five & Dime.  The race format was […]

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