Every stride he makes upon my land is dangerous treason

Yikes, that’ll keep you off those legs!

I am sooooo excited for my race tomorrow!  Totally used it as an excuse to gorge on French toast this morning!  Yum yum yum.

I own you, carbs!

Staying off my legs is less of an option, as I have three hours of rehearsal today, but then I get to be a fatty and lay around.  I never thought when I started racing that purposeful carb-eating and enforced laziness would be a part of it.  I like it almost as much as I love working out and eating right…almost.

Pasta dinner tonight, somehow trying to get to sleep early (probably will read ourselves into comas) and some Clif bars and coffee for breakfast tomorrow – and then we will be off!  I’ve never raced five miles before (heck, I haven’t even run that far since January), and I’m so excited!

Did I mention I was excited?!?!

What’s your next race?

 Do you carbo load?  

Is taper torture, heaven, or both?
Definitely both.


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