With a body filled and vacant mind

Family run this morning!  I tried running without eating anything first (which used to be a recipe for disaster) just to sort of see how it would go.  The run went great – didn’t even notice I hadn’t eaten, and we ran about 20 seconds below the pace goal I’d set, which is fine.  It was still a pace I’d consider easy.  I did feel a little shaky after the run, though, so probably more than two miles on no fuel isn’t the best idea.  Good to know I can do that when I’m in a tight time spot, though.

After cooling down, we let the little one loose with some other pups to tire her out.

I think it worked.

Ate a Healthy Tipping Point-inspired breakfast of eggs scrambled w/carrots and green beans and toast.  It sounded weird, so I had to try it.  It was, of course, amazing.

My day since has been the most random mix of culture!  I went downtown to see the Philadelphia Orchestra with my little bro. (They played Mendelssohn’s Hebrides, which I totally played in high school.  I cried a little.  What?!  It was beautiful.)  Then I picked up some lunch from Wawa and indulged in some first-season Saturday Night Live while I devoured it.  I came to three conclusions:

1)  John Belushi’s Beethoven is one of my favorite impressions ever, ever, ever, ever.

2)  I would like to be Gilda Radnor, please.

3)  I will probably use Lily Tomlin’s sock hop gossip sketch the next time I need a comedic monologue, as female comedic monologues are practically non-existent, and yet in high demand at auditions.  Just hand me a cold-read, fellas!

Annnd tonight we’re going to go see 21 Jump Street!

My love for Jonah Hill is unbounded. UNBOUNDED


So…Mendelssohn, Bartók, Stravinsky, Beethoven à la Belushi, old school SNL, and Jonah Hill.  That’s about the spectrum on which I like my entertainment for the day.

Annnnd one last thing:

Dinner number one...

Stir-fried veggies (carrots, broccoli, green beans) over rice, which I ate last night because I was starving and wasn’t sure when exactly Alex would be home.  Turns out he got in as soon as I sat down to eat it, but that was okay.  We had about $30 to spend on groceries, and that’s never good to attempt on an empty stomach.  (Recipe for debit card declination achieved, recipe for snicker doodles denied!  Womp womp)

...and dinner number two!

Dirty brown rice, which we achieved (along with butter for popcorn, milk for coffee, and Little Debbies for dessert – yum), in under $25.  We’re awesome.  Pretty much every Alex-friendly veggie is in there – onions and shallots and peppers, oh my!  With lean ground beef, lots of herbs and spices, and brown rice!  Carb time!  Race in two days!

Off to watch Jonah Hill and that other guy (j/k I totally respect Channing Tatum, it’s just…Jonah Hill!) be hilarious.


Do you eat before you workout?

What are you doing with your friday night?!


2 thoughts on “With a body filled and vacant mind

  1. Sophie says:

    1) I eat usually 1-2 hours before working out, but it HAS to be something small, or else I feel it all fighting to come back up (apparently my digestive system gave up on the “you can totally exercise 30 mins after eating” rule.

    2) I am working sadly 😦 And hopefully watching a movie with the boy, but right now…working….

    PS: 21 Jump Street was HILARIOUS. I laughed pretty much the entire movie.

  2. Oh no! Hope you get around to the movie! I DIED at 21 Jump Street. We were like fangirls. Both of us. 😀

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