Not sick, my lord, unless it be in mind

Today took a minute to sort itself out, but now we’re on the right track…

I woke up with a dehydration headache ewwww.  Sometimes I just call them what they are – hangovers – except they are drinkless hangovers, because I usually have had no alcohol the night before.  Just not much of other, more helpful liquids, either.

Swear there was none of this going on last night...

Here’s my terrible excuse:  I had a modeling gig two hours away, which meant only one bottle of water for the trip down, maybe three the rest of the 6.5 hour gig, then one more for the two hour drive home.  (This is not enough water for me!  Not enough!)  Then I had rehearsal almost immediately afterwards, and due to two accidents on 95, I got there just on time, so I didn’t fill my bottle before we started…and then I was so tired when I got home I probably just forgot to appropriately rehydrate.  (I was up at 5 am for the drive to Maryland & got home from rehearsal around 10:45 pm.  This is my solution to my desk-job exhaustion.  Sh.  We’ll pretend it makes sense.)

Annnnyway I woke up with a funless hangover and went running anyway – so there, headache!  (I made sure to drink two full bottles of water before I left.)  The first half mile was SO. PAINFUL. but then things looked up and the headache disappeared.  It was my last speedwork before my race on Sunday!  Exciting!  I didn’t run nearly as fast as I wanted to, but the pace I set for myself was really ambitious, so I’m okay with how I did.

The headache returned as soon as I stopped running (solution: run all day?!), but coffee and orange juice and some bread & margarine and lots of reading (don’t tell my boyfriend I was so irresponsible with my time!) sorted that out.  I’m feeling so much better now!  Almost well enough to mosey on over to that IRS website I keep meaning to check out.  (Taaaaaaxes.  Procrastination is my method and my way.)

Feeling way better - and definitely better than Jeffrey the Turtle will tomorrow

How do you get rid of a headache?

30 Days of fun:

Um, did I not say I spent hours reading this afternoon?  This is really fun for me.  Still a dork.


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