More things in heaven and earth…than are dreamt of in our philosophy

Hokay, so.

Remember how at the end of the last post I said I had to run to pick up Breigh?  Well, I was just publishing it when she texted me to say she was already at the station!  So, I ran out the door with…the wrong set of keys.  I locked us out, AND locked the van keys in!  Luckily, both Breigh and Alex are the coolest, so she suggested we just walk towards each other, and Alex gave up his hour he had between practice and tear-down to drive back to the burbs to let us in.

Breigh and Penny became instant BFFs, of course.

I knew they would, as they have the exact same personality.  We did things really cool people do, like watch Game of Thrones and drink an entire bottle of wine because the cork came completely apart, and eat our weight in lamb.  Breigh’s Irish-Armenian, and the Armenian in her went nuts when I pulled out some pitas to make pita chips.  She suggest lamb and rice pita pockets, to which I added the idea of spinach and tzatziki, to which she suggested sautéing the spinach with butter and garlic, which I changed to olive oil.  A true meeting of the minds to produce an awesome little dinner.

I sautéed the lamb in olive oil and red wine to heat it up (we don’t own a microwave), sautéed the spinach with garlic in olive oil, cooked up some rice, and whipped together a sort of tzatziki-like yogurt sauce.  Here’s what went into it:

1 c Greek yogurt

1 c reduced fat sour cream

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

2 cloves garlic

1 tsp rosemary

pepper to taste

I whisked the yogurt and sour cream together, mixed the olive oil, vinegar and garlic in a separate bowl, then stirred it all together with the pepper and rosemary.  I think traditionally you would use white vinegar instead of balsamic, dill instead of rosemary, and add sliced cucumber, but I worked with what I had and it was phenomenal.

Cake for dessert, hello!  (This is why we don’t keep sweets around.  I will eat them three times a day.)

I felt super guilty for making Alex late for strike, so I made sure all the dirty dishes were next to the sink, all my clothes were put away, and four freshly baked cookies were waiting for him when he got home.  He likes things neat…and cookies.  I bought the Pillsbury ones that are pre-cut so we could make just a few at a time, but he has just been eating them straight from the freezer, so I thought I’d take matters into my own hands and bake some for him!

Today begins my most and least favorite part of race training:  The Taper.  I ran two easy miles today, and had a super pleasant surprise waiting for me when I got home.

I will preface this by saying that I am not a huge fan of where I live, but I love most of my neighbors.  They’re such a weird and wonderful cast of characters that I often feel like Alex and I are in a sit-com about a young upper-middle class white couple moving into a lower-middle class black neighborhood.  (Actually, our neighborhood is very white, but all the neighbors we actually interact with in our apartment complex are black.)  Across the hall is a plump, friendly young couple with an adorable, colicky newborn.  Next door is an older woman named Shirley who calls everyone “baby” and keeps up a constant stream of loud chatter to whoever is around (or no one if no one is around).  And then there’s Mr. Fish (seriously), a thin old man who’s missing his front teeth and sits on his front stoop in a plastic chair watching the daily goings-on of the apartment complex (his cat does the same from his apartment window).

So as I was turning into my parking lot this morning, I heard Mr. Fish calling my name.  I hit my stopwatch and turned to go chat with him, and he hands me a bottle of water.  Because he knows everything that’s going on, he’s seen me running a lot lately, and when he saw me head out this morning he made sure to have a cold bottle of water waiting for me when I got back.  Isn’t that awesome?  I’ve never had a neighbor like that before.  It truly warmed my heart.

And one more thing:

photo by Melissa Bridge

The poster for Carter’s play is finished!  And I’m on it!  The fact that I’m in 10 of the 13 scenes should clue me in to my importance to the show, but I don’t really think about stuff like that, so this surprised me.  But in a good way.  Here’s one more picture, in case you haven’t figured out that I’m a huge dork.

With the lovely Jennifer Summerfield. (photo by Said Johnson)

So I wore my Katniss braid to rehearsal the day after I saw the movie.  LIKE YOU DIDN’T.  Can’t stress it enough:  I’m a dork.  You don’t even wanna know how many times I braided and rebraided my hair watching Game of Thrones last night.  (It was a lot.)

More information about the show and the actors can be found here.  Come see it if you’re gonna be in Philly.  I’m really proud of it!

Gotta get some stuff done before bed!  (I know it’s early but I will be up in 13 hours for a modeling gig.  Eek!  Must get to sleep super-early tonight!)


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