Much more monstrous matter of feast

I’m about as far from religious as you can get without actually being possessed by Christopher Hitchen’s ghost, but I love holidays for two very important reasons:

1)  Everything is closed, so I can’t really do any chores.  Enforced day of rest?  Amen!

2)  My family makes an effort to get together, which doesn’t happen often enough.  (The rest of my family are various denominations of Christian.)  Tonight was dinner at my dad’s house!

Flowers courtesy of my lovely step-grandmother, bunny courtesy of my lovely step-mother, wine courtesy of my pops (don't think he'd appreciate being called lovely...)

We watched some golf, drank some wine, and then got down to the real business of the evening.  Caesar salad, followed by this:

Grilled lamb, roasted potatoes, and green beans with sliced almonds

And cake and milk for dessert, natch.  Would NOT be an evening with my father without dessert.


My younger brother (can’t really say little – they both tower over me) is a blur in every photo.  He talks with his hands.  Weird.  His sister totally doesn’t do that…Ok, I totally do that.

It was so great to see my family, especially since my dad now lives in Wisconsin, I rarely see my step-mom, my other (giant) little bro works ALL THE TIME, and the above pictured brother’s moving to LA in a month…just a few short weeks before Alex and I leave for Ohio.  We’re blown to the winds, this family!  (Also, I’m pretty sure my Mom and my step-dad were en route to North Carolina for vacation last night, my step-sister was in Bethlehem, PA, and my step-brothers were in Virginia, Ithaca, and State College, PA.  See why I treasure more than two of us in a room together?)

Breakfast this morning was cheddar puffs and grapes (stop judging, judgy-pants!), which was clearly not enough as it led to Epic Lunch Fest 2012:

Hummus w/olives & roasted red peppers, homemade pita chips, carrots, and green beans


Lettuce wraps with more hummus, green beans, & carrots


Provolone chicken pesto roll-ups

Those look way grosser (this is a word – it is!) than they are.  They were quite delicious.  Oh, and chocolate milk.  Okay, and cake.  I was hungry!

Don’t worry – Penny and I went to the park and ran an easy mile shortly after Epic Lunch Fest 2012 Part Deux: The Cleanup.

I went to the library in my running clothes beforehand to renew an amazing fantasy novel I still haven’t managed to finish in the 9 weeks I’ve had it checked out.  (I’m busy!  Yeesh.  So judgy.)  I got weird looks from the other bookworms.  Yes, I run and I read!  There are a lot of us!  And should be more!  I want everyone to be as obsessed with these two things as I am…C’mon…

The lovely Breigh Miller, fellow actress and all-around awesome chick, is on her way as I type, so I gotta run to pick her up at the station!  May actually have to run, as I plan to walk home with her and I still haven’t checked when the train arrives.  Oh darn, another run?  ; )  Hoping to make something cool and creative with the leftover lamb…lamb fried rice?  Lamb stir fry?  We’ll see!


Are you close to your family?  Are they flung to the far corners of civilization like mine?  How do you celebrate the holidays?


3 thoughts on “Much more monstrous matter of feast

  1. Stephanie says:

    You’re not the only one obsessed with running and reading, or the library for that matter! We’re just all too busy actually running and reading to find each other.

    Stumbled across your blog via Facebook, thanks for keeping me occupied on this lazy Sunday afternoon! I hope you’re well – have an awesome week!

  2. Haha that’s good to hear! Saw you just signed up for a race in Philly. Awesome! We’ll have to chat about this some time. 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      And I’m running the Broad Street Run in May! Hopefully it isn’t too too too hot, yikes.

      But the Color Run in July should be fun – it’s untimed, and they throw multi-colored cornstarch at you at each kilometer, so you turn into a walking rainbow.

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