Is’t near dinner-time?

Week 3 Recap!!! Between family visits and SO MUCH WORK, this week was really busy, but I did my best to make healthy choices!


April 2nd
AM:  3.95 mile tempo run

April 3rd
AM:  30 minutes strength training

April 4th
AM:  Walked around the zoo for two hours!
PM:  Managed to squeeze in 15 minutes of circuit training while Alex and his family ran up the Rocky steps!  (There was a tow truck in the parking lot, so I offered to guard the car and drive it off if the tow guy sauntered over.  Even though I was wearing a pencil skirt and sandals, I plopped right down in the grass and started doing oblique triceps push-ups (and more, of course).  First of all, it’s Philly, and second of all, everyone else there was either about to run the Rocky steps or playing Ultimate frisbee, so no one even blinked an eye. Sometimes I love my hometown : )

Alex is that little red dot in the upper right

April 5th
REST!  I was so tired!

April 6th
Rest again!  I was even more tired!

April 7th
AM:  3.18 mile pickups – so fun!

April 8th
AM:  3.92 mile trail run with the love of my life…and Alex.  (blam!  Penny wins this round!)  We walked a fair bit, because Alex hasn’t run in a while and the trails were hilly!  But man, did we feel it.

I tired them out! Okay, and me, too...

Total mileage: 11.05

Not enough time to work out this week!  But I met my mileage anyway.  Next week = my first 5-mile race ever.  Excited!!!


Biggest slip-up
Saturday night debauchery including pepperoni pizza, ranch dressing, and lots of alcohol.  We were celebrating actually being in each other’s company, being able to sleep in today, and also just making sure we were appropriately intoxicated for a viewing of Snakes on a Plane.  That movie should never be watched sober. Was uncomfortably full, but now I know for next time – my stomach has shrunk!

Best effort
Veggies!  Had a stir-fry for breakfast on Wednesday, started adding broccoli to my smoothies, and had mushroom and spinach in today’s breakfast.  Starting to really love having veggies at breakfast – then no matter what happens with the rest of the day, I’ve at least gotten some in!

Mushroom Spinach Eggs Benedict...Omg, yum.


Proudest of
Keeping embarrassing boyfrents incidents to an absolute minimum.  Whoo!

New things I tried
Shallots (Alex: What’s a shallot?  Me: I think it’s like an onion-garlic hybrid. Alex: Why haven’t we eaten these in EVERY MEAL?), broccoli in my smoothies, hollandaise sauce, a pickup run, the trail in Pennypack park.

Big moments
– Mom’s gonna let me get my wisdom teeth out!  SO grateful, as they are super-painful and also totally messing up my teeth.  Not sure if I can get it done until September though – I’m performing May 9th-19th and then June 8th-September 1st, so…not a lot of opportunity for recovery in there.  If I’m super super lucky I can get it done before this show opens.  Cross your fingers!

– Need to put away my clean clothes – and keep them away.  Alex is skeptical that this will ever happen.
– Study my pilates!  Yeesh.
– Really dig into my script for Carter’s Play.
– Actually look at my scripts for Tecumseh!
– Make a pre-Tecumseh! to-do/to-buy list.
– Get some modeling gigs.

See why I quit my day job?!

30 Days of Fun:
Keep forgetting to post these!  Here’s some fun stuff I’ve done:
– Screaming along to punk music in my car.  Never would have made it through this week without a healthy dose of Against Me! and Say Anything.
– Dancing to said punk music on my iPod while waiting to be let into rehearsal.
– Trail run, for sure.
– The zoo!
– Watching my puppy play with other dogs.  SO CUTE.
– Um, SNAKES ON A PLANE. Need I say more?

Happy Easter! It’s a beautiful day!

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