To sleep, perchance to dream


I thought I was more tired than I’d ever been yesterday.  But that was silly.  TODAY I was more tired than I’d ever been.  My last day of work was torture and then – Alex reminded me that I had rehearsal tonight.  I had totally forgotten!  I was focusing so hard on just getting to 4:30 that I started crying right there at my desk.  That’s when I knew my decision to leave was 100% correct.  So as soon as I got my paycheck, I cleaned up my desk, said my goodbyes, and turned in my swipe card.  By 12:30, Alex and I were settled on the couch with Wawa subs and Modern Family, and by 2:30 I was fast asleep in my bed with Penny curled up next to me.  I could have sucked it up and finished out my last day, but I made the decision to choose my health (both physical and mental), and I’m so glad I did.

Workouts and nutrition have been scary these past few days, but they’re bound to improve now that the desk job’s out of the way!

Goodbye, Wawa cappuccinos...

...Helloooo homemade smoothies!

I grabbed a few new snack bars on the way home from rehearsal tonight.  I’m excited to try them!  The buyer for my grocery store must have a thing for coconut, because even though there are a million flavors of Larabar, ALL of the ones at my store contained coconut (not really my favorite).  I’ll try anything once, though, so I picked up the chocolate coconut chew.  And a Kind bar in case I think the coconut is yucky.  :p


Also got some all natural white cheddar rice and corn puffs.  They were super cheap, had no nasty ingredients, AND looked like something both Alex and I (and okay, Penny ; )  would enjoy.  Plus grapes and carrots…stocked for snacks!  Wish I had been this prepared when I was at work all day.  :p

Time for dinner/bed!  What do you snack on?


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