Come night, end day

Sometimes you just want a day to end, right?!  Today started out great and just went downhill from there.  So let’s focus on the great part, shall we?

I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30 (hey, I didn’t get out of rehearsal until 11:15 last night – no judging!) and did 30 minutes of strength training.  I meant to do twenty, but I was having too much fun!  Seriously, what more could you ask for in a workout?  I did weighted sumo squats, then the Blogilates Pick-Me-Up Quickie Workout and Hunger Games Workout, which made me laugh and made my muscles burn (ONE LEGGED BURPEES, CASSEY?!  Or should I say Katniss…).

“Recovered” with some french toast and coffee.  Mmmm…

I kind of love my Paris mug...

Let’s skip the rest of the day, and focus on tomorrow.  Unfortunately I won’t have time to fit in a quality workout or eat as healthfully as I’d like, and that’s kind of a bummer.  Tomorrow’s my day off, so it’s usually a two-workout day, but what can you do?  Whenever I get within 20 miles of Alex’s family I gain five pounds.  And that is because this family KNOWS how to do vacations.  No time to sleep, or breathe, but lots of fun shoved into one day and lots of eating out!  Tomorrow is the zoo (the ZOO!) at nine (NINE!), Alex’s JV game, and finally, FINALLY, the event that keeps not happening:  THE HUNGER GAMES.  Omg, I can’t wait.

So I’m just planning on reminding myself as much as possible that walking around the zoo is still kind of exercise, even if I’d rather be running, and eating as well as I can under the circumstances.  (It will probably be easier to eat healthier throughout the day knowing popcorn is coming later!)  Not sure about the zoo’s rules on outside food, but I’m definitely going to attempt to smuggle in some healthy snacks.  I’m not even going to try to workout beforehand, because I know I’ll just be short-tempered from lack of sleep, which is never a good baseline for a day with the boyfrents.  (This is why people get married – so they don’t have to come up with awkward names for their SO’s family.)

The major major major upside of me trying to plan out a healthy route through tomorrow is this:  While scheming to somehow fit in a run, I wildly thought about running through the zoo, which made me think, “There HAVE to be runs in zoos.”  AND THERE ARE.   And one day, I will run one.

The Zoo Run Run at the Nashville Zoo!


Goodnight!  Tomorrow’s gonna be GrrrrRRRREAT!  (Tigers.  TIGERS!  …I love the zoo… :D)


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