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Week 2 Recap!!!

This week was exhausting!


March 25th
AM:  20 minutes circuit training
PM:  30 minute walk around La Salle’s campus (post-lacrosse game)

March 26th
AM:  15 minutes strength training

March 27th
PM:  2.43 mile FARTLEKS!  (Still obsessed.  Someone help me.)

March 28th
AM:  20 minute walk (w/Alex and Penny – double bonus!)
PM:  1.5 mile short intervals, 60 minutes yoga

March 29th
PM:  15 minutes strength training (This fit in between work and rehearsal way better than my run did last week.)

March 30th
PM:  3.01 mile long intervals (400 m @ 10-k pace)

March 31st
Rest!  (work 9-4, rehearsal 5-7:30, play 8 pm…workouts weren’t happening)

April 1st
AM:  3.11 mile long intervals (800 m @ 10-k pace)

Total mileage: 10.05

I’m proud of myself for pushing to make time for a workout every day, and two when I can.  But I’m also happy that I can say “No, Saturday is going to be exhausting even without a workout” and be okay with it.  Some triumphs:  Pushing myself to get out of bed and complete my weekly mileage, recognizing that a walk is an active way to rest.


Biggest slip-up
Money got tight and I suggested we each choose five items to get us through the last week in March.  Mine were:  mushrooms, spinach, cheddar, turkey bacon, and flatbread crackers.  Good choices with lots of protein, but – the meals I bought them for had to be cooked and I spent all week out of the apartment!  I could have planned better and purchased portable snacks and meals.

Best effort
I’m actually pretty proud of my dinner tonight.  We went out with Alex’s family to a nearby pub, and even though there were tons of fried appetizers, I ordered and stuck to the sweet potato fries (though his mom did cut me a piece of the chicken strips everyone hated so I could try them.)  My entree was a tuscan chicken sandwich (chicken, spinach, provolone).  I ditched the bun and gave Alex my chips.  Eating out can be a trap, but I think I did pretty well!

Tuscan chicken, hold the bun, no chips, extra pickle!!


Proudest of
Getting to bed earlier.  It’s hard when your job keeps you out until eleven or later, but it pays off in a) the ability to work out in the morning and b) higher energy levels.

New things I tried
Started reading Divergent by Veronica Roth.  Warning: this will be your next Hunger Games.  Don’t pick it up unless you have time to get obsessed!  (I don’t.  I’m seriously reading this in two-page bits.  It’s excruciating.)

Big moments
– Saw God of Carnage at the Walnut Street Theatre.  So great, absolutely hilarious.  Read it, see it (there’s a theatre near you doing it, almost guaranteed), or see the movie (Carnage, starring Jodi Foster and Kate Winslet, which I realllly want to see now).
– Did okay at dinner with Alex’s parents (always tricky, no?).

– OMG taxes.  Dread of 1090s has kept me procrastinating, but time is running out!
– KEEP the apartment clean.  Alex worked reaaaally hard on it.
– Read a little?  I’ll be able to relax a bit when the taxes are done and work is over.

I’m pretty pleased with…you know, life.  And then there’s this:

Amanda at Run to the Finish has issued a thirty day challenge to HAVE FUN!  And I signed myself right up.  So find the fun at the bottom of my posts this month!

30 Days of Fun:
– This is hardly fair, as it’s my job, but I had rehearsal today!  I love playing for a living!
– April Fools prank:  The guy who sits next to me at work ends his customer service phone calls with “Thank you for calling Sprint.”  We do not work at Sprint.  He just wants to see if anyone notices.  To our knowledge, no one has.  But today I wrote some fake emails, printed them out, and had another male coworker write a note to him “from” our supervisor, saying that we’d received several customer complaints about his pranking customers, that this is not appropriate, and he should stop immediately.  The fake email I’m most proud of read:

whys the guy say thanks for clling sprint?  i thought you was burpeees

We actually get emails like that.  Oh yes.  Can’t wait to hear his reaction when he finds the notes tomorrow!

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