Men’s flesh preserved so whole do seldom win

Not that I’m trying to win anything, poke that I am.  But you can only baby yourself for so long!

I made the executive decision last night to work out even though I had been laid up with a headache for twenty hours.  The logic went thusly:  “I have Wednesdays off anyway, so who cares if this headache comes back?”  So I strapped on my sneaks and took Penny to the park for…FARTLEKS!

You can so tell I’m a novice runner by how awestruck I am by the wonder of speed training.  I just love it, though!

Weirdly, since fartleks are so kind of loosey-goosey in terms of speed, time, distance, etc., I ran exactly the same distance I ran on Thursday (2.43 miles).  Weird, huh?  (Yeah, I said loosey-goosey.)

Came home and did my own creative rummaging as Alex was off a-coaching.

Garlic, onions, pepper & carrots!

Basically I just sautéed whatever veggies were in the house, added cumin, paprika, & chili powder, threw in some red lentils, and let that simmer.  In a flash of last minute inspiration, I added a squirt of lime juice, and served the whole thing over brown rice.  It looked super gross:

Um, you ate THAT?!

But it was sooo good, and filling (which, you will find, is crazy important to me – I’m a hungry girl!).

Even Alex said it smelled good when he got home, though I doubt he’d eat it.

What do you make when money’s tight?


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