I will not go today


I woke up with terrible headache and nausea yesterday, powered through some strength training anyway, and went to work, where 8 hours of customer service in a loud room didn’t really help.  I ended up leaving early and practically crawling into my apartment where the loving boyfriend scraped together whatever he could find into a delicious potato soup.  (I’m usually the cook around here, but once it gets to the end of the month and grocery funds run dry, Alex is waaaay better, because he is so much more willing to be creative!  He puts together some amazing meals from our sad little pantry.)

We watched this:


I’ve been a little obsessed with running lately, and Alex and I have also set the intention of running one race a month for the next year, so we were all about curling up on the couch and watching other people sweat.  It was really well made, with a great flow between the stories, and inspired me in my running while confirming I am so not ready for a marathon yet.

I ended up crawling into bed at eleven, hopeful that getting to bed early would cure my headache AND make it possible to get up and run before work.  But I woke with the same gnarly headache.  So no run, no work, but hopefully I can muster some brainpower to say…do my taxes?

Really just wanna curl up with these two:


Can you guess where Alex coaches?


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