Here’s for your pains

Week 1 Recap!

Me, eating my script for some reason.

{But first, things to note about my picture:  That blob of red is my winter coat hanging over my desk chair, even though I haven’t worn it since October.  Along similar lines, our $8 wrapping paper Christmas tree is still on the wall, and looking kind of droopy.  Finally, in the background, Penny is silently accusing me of hypocrisy because I won’t let her chew on my script.  Annnd on to the recap…}


March 17th
PM: Circuit training!

March 18th
AM: 2.3 mile pre-work easy run, 20 minutes circuit training.

March 19th
Rest day?

March 20th
Rest day

March 21st
AM:  Circuit training in the park with 5 minute run intervals.  Total 2.71 miles.
PM:  30 min yoga

March 22nd
PM:  Squeezed a 1.88 mile easy run b/w work and rehearsal.  Bad idea – I ran late and had to scarf down dinner at odd moments during rehearsal.

March 23rd
PM:  2.43 mile fartleks!

March 24th
AM:  1.99 mile easy run

Total mileage: 9.01

Looks like I could probably benefit from mixing my cardio and strength training a little more evenly.  I just looove to run so much, I want it to be all my workouts!  (Also, I’m scaling up my mileage verrrrry slowly.  I’ve done long runs longer than my total weekly mileage, but then I’ve also been unable to walk the next day.  I’m going ahead injury-free this time!!)


Biggest slip-up
Besides all those Wawa cappuccinos?!  That’s really it.  I could eat less chocolate, too, but I don’t have any in the house to tempt me right now.

Best effort
My stir-fry, duhhhh.


Proudest of
Carter’s Play!  This is the show I’m currently working on.  It’s coming along soooo well already.  I haven’t mentioned it, but it’s a big workout motivation, as there’s a decent amount of chatter from the other characters about how hot my character is.  Pressure!!

New things I tried
Rice milk, sunflower butter (LIFE. CHANGING.), not being so OCD about keeping up on magazine reading, starting this blog, fartleks

Big moments
I quit my day job!  Well, I gave my two weeks.  My supervisor really wants me to stay, and is trying to negotiate me still coming in some days, which I may do.  But I’m too busy and have too much to do before I leave for Ohio for the summer.  Meanwhile, Carter’s Play doesn’t close until the night before my company meeting for my next show.  That means this show ends at 10:30ish pm in Philadelphia, PA and I have to be in Chillicothe, OH (9 hours away) with all my stuff by 6 pm the next night.  Glargh.  So, what that means in layman’s terms is I have to get ready for a move plus memorize every female part in Tecumseh! (I’m the general female understudy) while devoting enough time to my current show!  Plus a day job?  I dunno…

To-do list!  Geez.
Clean before Alex’s family gets here.  He’s busy, too, and it’s not fair if he does all the work.  Time management, huy!

Annnnd that was my week!  How was yours?!


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