This must be done in haste

Super quick post as I have to get to bed!  I took a rest day to try to sleep in, but with birds and sunlight and the puppy, etc, I didn’t quite make it to eight hours.  Trying to get to bed earlier tonight…

I saw some RESULTS already!!!  This morning, I looked and felt fantastic, and let me tell you, nothing but my visibly flattening midsection could make me more psyched for tomorrow’s workouts.  (Oh yeah – plural.)

Here’s a little challenge I’m giving myself for the next week (Thursday-Wednesday, unless, like the best challenges, it becomes permanent).  I’m going to focus on not eating anything I didn’t bring from home.  No Wawa stops!  No restaurant meals!  Actual trips to the grocery store!  I was kinda freaked out about how excited I was to go to the actual grocery store and buy some actual vegetables.  I’ve been trying to eat every two hours, so this won’t be easy, but all it takes is a little planning, right?!  And really, I just do not as yet possess the willpower to go to Wawa and simply not get the powdered cappuccino machine Mocha Wakeup cappuccino.  I know it’s probably the number one diet stumbling block for me, and yet…that little “extra caffeine” label is so tempting!  (Mental note:  Buy instant coffee and powdered creamer for desk at work.)

Time for bed!  Oh yeah – and speaking of real grocery store trips and real veggies, here is the dream stir-fry!

Look at all those veggies!

Off to dream of successful workouts…when I most wink, then do mine eyes best see.

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