Ambition should be made of sterner stuff

So I didn’t get to sleep early last night, and I did wake up with the birdies at 8:30, but thankfully I had one last trick up my sleeve:  air-conditioning.  Yeah, I turned the air conditioner on in March.  And it helped me sleep until 11, which I sorely needed.  Win!

I went to the park and did this workout from Tone It Up!  At first I felt kind of self-conscious, since I haven’t worked out in public in just my sports bra in awhile, and I worried the other young ladies there would be judgmental.  But as I jogged past them on one of their walking intervals, I actually served as an illustrative point, because one was trying to explain what a racerback bra was to the other.  Points!

The workout was so hard, especially the burpees (hate hate hate), but I powered through and SWEAT and had a great morning early afternoon!

Then…everything kind of fell apart, and I had to take all of our laundry to my Mom’s, and…none of my to-do list got done!  I’m stilllll there…I’m washing literally all of our clothing, plus the dog bed, so…long day.  Didn’t even get to go grocery shopping.  :\

But I did do some yoga.  I only made it through half an hour…maybe two workouts a day is a little ambitious at this point in my fitness.  But that half hour was hard and wonderful and I got to wear my birthday present!

Penny wants to go home.

Alex got me this for running in the cold…and made it extra bright since I sometimes run at dusk.  I love, love, love it.  (Even more than I hate, hate, hate burpees).

Hoping to get some Pilates study in before bed.  Maybe I can hit up the grocery store after rehearsal tomorrow…

Pleasure and action make the hours seem short (and sleeping in til eleven will do that, too)…

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