He hath eaten me out of hearth and home

Today, I went…grocery shopping!

I realize this should not be a cause for celebration, but I am sooo busy with work and various shows (and working out!), that I never find the time (or, really, money).  After a workout, work, and rehearsal (this is my lazy Sunday), I had to talk myself into stopping at the grocery store.  But I know that my diet and my wallet are suffering from stocking up at Wawa everyday instead of just going shopping.

(Side note:  There are worse places than Wawa, health wise, to do one’s stocking up.  I was super excited on Saturday to discover they had single-serving bowls of GoLean Crunch!  Yummm…)

Saturday work breakfast - Yum!

Anyway, I finally went to the store and spent $24 on produce (well, and soy milk and stir fry sauce and shower gel).  I am making a stir-fry post-post-work-workout tomorrow night.

I have literally been craving this stir fry for two years.

Here’s the deal.  One of the first conversations I ever had with my boyfriend was over lunch.  I was eating a vegan stir fry I had just whipped up in our theatre’s communal kitchen, and Alex was eating a much more typical lunch for that theatre:  a Hot Pocket.  He offered to trade.  At the time, I had no idea that not only would he be really unhappy with such a trade, but also that I would soon be spending all my time with him, abandoning vegan stir fries and eating more along the Hot Pocket lines (although I have yet to actually eat one of those).  At first it was a matter of convenience, but when the show ended and we moved in together, sacrificing our time and money to an amazing project very close to our hearts, it became monetary.  We couldn’t afford two different diets, and as he certainly wasn’t going to eat mine, I started eating his.  It’s a poor excuse, but trust me, there have been plenty of weeks in the past two years where we bought no food at all and just ate whatever people gave us.

Today, the compromising ends.  I know Alex doesn’t mind if we eat two different meals, and at some point I have to realize that there is no point spending all day at an unfulfilling day job if I don’t allow myself to use that money for nourishment!

So tomorrow…the epic stir fry of which I dream will be my reward for somehow mustering the energy to put in a post-work (I get off at 8:30 pm – whoo!) sweatfest.

P.S.  But this blog is called thisstartstonight!  Why didn’t I make the epic stir fry tonight?!  Well, I like my stir fries vegan and I had some chicken to use up from some pre-5k carbo-loading chicken burritos from last weekend.  So tonight was a salad with romaine lettuce, chopped red onion, grape tomatoes, toasted almonds, said chicken, and a leeeetle bit of olive oil.  SO SATISFYING.  And saintly: A dish that I do love to feed upon.

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