Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Starting a blog is something I’ve been putting off forever, but that’s officially over with!  I need some accountability in my life, and that begins right now.

I am so ready to begin!

There are lots of reasons I need to be healthier.  So many, I can’t even decide which is the most important, although I think they boil down to one simple fact:

I am tired of feeling awful.

This is not a super tragic thing in my life – nothing as consistently or intensely painful as, say, cancer or Crohns.  It’s just something I deal with that kind of gets in the way of the rest of my life.  Migraines, shaking, weakness, fatigue, and – the worst – this terrible feeling I get more often than I like.  It feels as though a giant hand is pressing me into the ground.  It sweeps over me suddenly, as though a chair were pulled out from under me, and suddenly everything is harder – walking, thinking, existing.

It’s been diagnosed as tons of stuff – fatigue, stress, low blood pressure, low blood sugar…you name it.  I’m fairly convinced it’s ALL of these.

But here’s the deal.  No matter what’s causing it, I simply don’t have time for it!  The first time I ever felt this way was at the end of a very exhausting period in which I was performing in two grueling shows without a break for 20 straight days. (I am far from the only one who did this – and my castmates had pretty extreme reactions to the experience as well.)  For the next MONTH I had to put the world aside to rest all day just so I could perform at night.

In two short months (the day after I close another show – a working actor knows no rest!) I will return to that production, and I simple cannot afford to feel that way.  So here’s my chance to turn it around!  I’m starting fresh, I’m getting healthy, and I’m doing it in full view.

God and Saint George! Richmond and Victory!  Yummy food and lots of workouts!  Onward!

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